Ugly Game Play. Players deliberately, I think its called "Team Kill"ing

Just got out of a Realistic Battle. Spawned in and one of my own team mates shot me down in less than 20 seconds of flight.

What is this behavior and how to I stop it? What’s going on? It’s bad enough in RB that you don’t get to respawn. Why shoot down your own guys???

This is really really frustrating. My Son has quit playing because he had people of team mates actually gang up on him and shoot him down on the runway!!!

How is this crap condoned. It is very simple code to make friendlies undamageable.
I probably should not post this here, except I am asking for advice.

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Report the players that team kill and go into the next match.

Getting teamkilled in Air RB is part of the game - friendly fire is not possible with tanks in Ground RB, there you need either arty strikes or bombs to kill a friendly.

Reporting teamkillers via server replay (not in-game during the match, useless fot teamkilling) is the “official” way. If you use the forum search function, you find a lot of threads dealing with the actual effectiveness of reporting - basically it looks for teamkilling like a waste of time.

If you play props two advices: Either take off as last guy or use an air spawn plane like a bomber. Have in mind that air spawn just limits the number of potential teamkillers behind you, always check your six and listen to incoming engine noises.

If this happens frequently to you there might be correlations to used gamertags, skins or added markings. I fly daily on SA servers - and i see a lot of teamkilling around BR 3.7/4.0 between Chinese and Taiwanese players.

As soon as you get above the entry BRs teamkillings get less, as soon you reach BRs with A2A missiles you might see an increase again, either intentional or by accident.

I had a toxic player upset with not being saved by a teammate, strafed the teammate instead of revenge killing the enemy… Doesn’t need to be bombs.

Just return to hangar and queue up for an other match, that’s the only advice anyone can give you.
You lose nothing except the time it takes to enter an other match.

It happens so rarely to the point where I’m doubting your “my son was ganged up and killed on the runway” story. Especially since you dont need a gang to teamkill someone, just a few bullets suffice.

What battle rating and nation where you? Are you playing very low battle rating? I could imagine team killing is more prevalent in lower battle rating matches.

If it happens as often as you imply, play arcade or higher battle rating vehicles.

I think I’ve been shot down while taking off a whole 2 times while playing air RB.

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Not a whole lot you can do other than report.

Thanks for the response. Now I have to learn how to do that and identify the critter that did it. I get so mad I rage quit and miss that part.

still… thanks