U.S Navy possibly returning battleships to service

Battleship on the Delaware River: USS New Jersey traveling to Philadelphia for repairs (msn.com)

U.S. Navy Revives Iconic Iowa and Wisconsin Battleships Amidst Modern Naval Evolution In 1997 (msn.com)

No they aren’t being returned to service. Museum ships still need to be repaired and something as big as a Battleship is unlikely to be able to dry dock locally hence why they are relocated periodically.

Reactivation has been dismissed several times. They are expensive to crew and maintain, have limited flexibility in use, require a lot of force assess to protect and supply them, and their big guns are nolonger the prize they were in times past.


Whhaaaaa…!?! Haven’t you seen the Battleship movie? 10 guys jump in a 80ish year old battleship, start 'er up, and then defend Earth from aliens…

The news articles are obviously about simulating such a scenario