Typhoon mk1 b/l flaps will not extend

I noticed this the other night while flying the prop typhoons that the flaps will not come down above airspeeds of 157mph. You get a message flaps blocked by too high of speed.


Typhoon Mk 1 has a mechanism that hides flaps when you cross the speed that would cause them to break. You can see it while taking off and setting flaps to landing, as you gain speed they will start to fold. The same mechanism prevents flaps from extending when the airspeed is too high, so they wont break.

So you cant use combat flaps at speeds faster than 160mph. This makes flaps on the typhoon useless. The p38 you can drop combat flaps at 300mph. Something seems off to me, thats way too low of an airspeed for the typhoon and combat flaps.

I’ve noticed that too, before you could extend combat flaps even at 400km/h but with the new system they hide somewhere below 300km/h and it doesn’t matter if it’s combat, takeoff or landing

Its almost like the “new system” thinks im trying put landing flaps down and not combat flaps. I mean you cant put any flaps down above 157mph, this can’t be right.

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When did this speed-limited flap mechanic come in?

Didn’t know about it so I was curious. So I just took it out on a test flight. Short story is they get blocked above the landing flap speed, so can’t do combat flaps it seems. Even doing the flap-cycling keys (rather than just “flaps” and letting the instructor choose the right ones) doesn’t work… all blocked above landing-flap speed.

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Well, i just checked and you cant deploy combat flaps at around 260 kph (that is landing flaps rip speed), not the 401 they break at. I guess another thing they introduced bugged. Same thing for the Spey Phantoms.

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In Arcade you can’t open them at all so I think is Bug, ofc Gaijin is slow in Response always even if you put them on sale sometime later 0 Responsibility 0 explanation