Type19 Wheeled Howitzer Self Propelled/19式装輪自走155mmりゅう弾砲

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The Type19 Wheeled Howitzer Self Propelled was developed as the successor to the FH-70 in order to speed up fire and position changes, improve tactical and strategic mobility, and networking.
Development began in 2008 as a Fire power combat vehicle and was development completed in 2013.
The barrel is the same as that of the Type99 Howitzer Self Propelled, and the body is a German MAN 8×8 truck, produced under license by JSW.
A total of 227 Vehicle will be procured

◎Wheeled Self Propelled Howitzer


◎gun:L52 155mm Howitzer
・Gun Angle: Left 90°~Right 27°
(Direct aiming firing can be done at a range of 40 degrees, from 50° to 90° to the left.)





・L15A1 HE
・Type93 Base Bleed HE
・M107 HE
・Type75 HE
・M110WP Smoke shell
・M116B1 Coloring Smoke shell
・JM109 Flare shell

◎Engine: MAN D2066 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine?
◎Chassis 8x8
◎Max Speed:~90km/h


◎Aiming man/照準手
◎Other Crew ×3
Only 5 passengers are allowed in a vehicle.

◎Expected BR:6.3
◎Although the angle of fire will be limited, it will be very interesting to see the addition of JGSDF’s newest Wheeled Self Propelled Howitzer.

◎Web Sources
19式装輪自走155mmりゅう弾砲 - Wikipedia
“新車だ!” 陸自期待の新装備「19式装輪自走155mmりゅう弾砲」実戦部隊に初配備 | 乗りものニュース
◎JGSDF Specifications
・GW-Y120021 19式装輪自走155mりゅう弾砲
(from https://twitter.com/Military_Hobbys)


Japan could use something like this, Would be a great help to the severe lack of artillery. I’d like to see the Chinese PCL-181 one day too.

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Did they integrate a LRF?

Probably not.

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Gonna be honest, I had no idea the Type 19 was capable of direct fire. That was the only thing holding me back from wanting it in-game. Now it’s just like any other gun truck. +1


+1 Maybe as SQV

Gotta say. If this is a valid addition so is the Swedish Archer.

basically the japanese take on the french CAESAR but with direct fire capabilities.

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Definite +1 from me. The mobility provided would add a nice twist to artillery gameplay that we’ve only really seen from the G6, if even. Never knew it had direct fire capability, which was the only thing making me hesitant about it

My vote is sadly no for this vehicle - at least as a Tech Tree/Squadron variant. The gun arches will make it very situational on different maps and we already have Type-75 and soon the Type-99, which are way better for War Thunder’s gameplay style and they offer better protection from machine gun fire.

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Unfortunately but it is not possible, the gun can not move around unless the recoil spade is deployed.

If you look at the back you could see the tray of auto-loader will be stuck by the spade when it is folded making it impossible for the gun to traverse left or right side and it can’t lift the tray up because it is fixed to the gun which is itself stuck by the vehicle cabin.

The other reasons is the extremely limited gun angle and small ammo racks of about 5 rounds as far as i can see in this image

Just have it semi-deployed. Far enough to allow the gun to rotate but not so far that it’s touching the ground. Such a configuration is already present on the battlepass Italian gun truck, which has its stabilizers half deployed for the express purpose of allowing the gun more mobility. I think it’s time to start getting used to such configurations as they will be 100% necessary for a large portion of the WW2 and post war SPHs players want added, especially American ones. I agree that its gun angles are quite limited, however, this very obviously isn’t a vehicle that would get added for its usefulness. It’s a big old truck with a massive semi-autoloaded fuck-off gun. Throw it in at 4.0 as a squadron vehicle and it’ll be just fine. Japan is in need of more non-tech tree ground stuff anyway. Of course, these are just my opinions.

Regarding ammo capacity, I’m almost certain that the Type 19 carries more than 5 rounds. Look here:


The other rounds appear to just be covered by the lids of their respective compartments.