Type 99-155 SPH - The Backbone of the JGSDF

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Type 99-155 SPH - The Backbone of the JGSDF

Hi and welcome to my 18th suggestion, which is about the Type 99-155 and one of a few modern japanese Tanks I want to suggest, hope you like it.
Side note: This was originally suggested by @_N4MELESS and I have permission to re-suggest this from said Person (thx btw).

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for a Vehicle we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • I don´t want to force Gaijin to rush Top-tier air in any way
  • Feel free to share more Information and / or correct me if something is wrong
  • Discuss respectfully, any aggressive kind or verbal abuse will be reported, the Forum rules also apply here

Basic Background History

The Type 99 self-propelled 155mm howitzer (nickname: Long Nose, abbreviation: 99HSP) is a state-of-the-art machine developed as a successor to the Type 75 self-propelled 155mm howitzer that had been operated by the Ground Self-Defense Force’s artillery units.
It is a self-propelled howitzer, and is deployed mainly in each divisional of Artillery Regiment and Northern Army Combined Brigade under the control of Northern Army.
However, with the commercialization of the Type 19 wheeled self-propelled 155mm howitzer developed as a successor to the towed 155mm howitzer FH70, in order to prioritize the procurement budget for the new type of SPH, the production of Type 99 has been temporarily suspended. A total of 136 Type 99 were procured by 2018.
The previous Type 75 self-propelled howitzer, which was formalized in 1975, has a maximum range of only 19 km even when using specially developed long-range ammo.
On the other hand, the towed 155mm howitzer FH70 (jointly developed by Britain, West Germany and Italy), which began licensed production in 1983, has a maximum range of 30km when using base-bleed ammunition.
Even the French-made 120mm towed mortar RT, which is deployed in infantry department units, reaches a maximum range of 13km when using rocket-assisted propellant.
Maximum range is one of the most important characteristics for artillery therfore t he maximum range of the Type 75 self-propelled howitzer became unsatisfactory by today’s standards, regardless of when it was developed.
Therefore, from 1985, research on a self-propelled artillery to succeed the Type 75 self-propelled howitzer was started.
From 1987 to 1993, 5.6 billion yen was invested in long-term research and prototyping of turrets, loading devices, gun barrels, ammunition, etc., and from 1994, development began on the premise of equipping.
As for prototype vehicles, 4 self-propelled guns, 2 dedicated ammunition vehicles, and 6,070 shells have been ordered for 3.03 billion yen.
Japan Steel Works became the main contractor for the development of this vehicle, and was in charge of the development of the main gun and turret.
In addition, development was carried out by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the body part, Asahi Kasei for the entire shell, Nippon Yushi for the inner cylinder of the shell, and Hitachi for the ammunition truck.
Technical tests were conducted using four prototype vehicles until 1996, and practical tests began in the following year, 1997.
And in 1999, it was formalized as “Type 99 self-propelled 155mm howitzer”, and the procurement of 4 vehicles was decided for the first time with the budget of the same year.
The Type 99 self-propelled howitzer was first shown to the public on November 12, 2000 at the 48th anniversary event held at the Ground Self-Defense Force Weapons School in Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The Type 99-155 SPH Overall

A third generation self-propelled howitzer equipped with a auto-loading 155 mm cannon domesitcally developed in Japan as a successor to the Type 75 SPH.
It is based on the enlarged version of the Type 89 FV chassis developed by Mitsubishi heavy industries with new turret and gun developed by Japan steel works.
The main feature of the Type 99 self-propelled 155mm howitzer is the main gun of 52 caliber 155mm howitzer, which is said to be able to shoot 18 or more consecutive shots in 3 minutes. The effective range has also improved from 19km of the Type 75 self-propelled howitzer to approximately 30km for regular bullets and approximately 40km for base-bleed bullets (propellant bullets).
The crew consists of four members. The tank is powered by a Mitsubishi 6SY31WA water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder 4-cycle diesel engine, with 600hp which allows the Howitzer to accelerate up to 49.6km/h.
A few specimens are also equipped with a shell-tracking Radar.

Type 03 Cluster-Ammunition

It is a cluster warhead that releases a large number of submunitions in the air above the target.
Compared to normal high- explosive rounds, it has a wider range of damage per shot, and is intended to improve the rate of destruction not only against people but also against lightly armored vehicles. After firing from the gun, the submunition is released using gas pressure by setting the time fuse.
It was expected to destroy a large number of lightly armored vehicles with a small number of shells , especially at long range. In order to also have attack power against light armored vehicles, the submunition is a shaped explosive with armor resistance, and the submunition has a ribbon and small wings for attitude control is attached so that the shaped explosive warhead faces downward during fall. The destruction radius is said to be 100m square.
The artillery that the Type 03 can be operated with are the 155mm howitzer FH70, Type 75 and Type 99 equipped by the JGSDF.
Type 03 was developed domestically and prototypes began in 1996, and were formalized in 2003. The development cost is about 8.8 billion yen.
Since it violates the Convention on Cluster Munitions , which was signed in 2008 and came into effect in 2010, disposal began in 2013. By 2015, all were destroyed in Norway. As of 2010, the Self -Defense Forces possessed 2,702 rounds.

Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
[Will add more if there are some (more) important / declassified things]
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+1 as a direct replacement for the Ho-Ri Production. The addition of the AuF1 at tier V and BR 7.0 is proof that such is possible.

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Hopefully it gets at least a rangefinder if not a laser rangefinder.


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As far as I know, there is no direct information about this, however, an “advanced FCS capable of hitting moving targets”, the possibility of direct fire was declared, and by that time the global trend to install laser rangefinders coupled to FCS on SPG was already started. However, these are circumstantial arguments. Under normal conditions, the Type 99 should receive target designation from a unified artillery command system, and it is not entirely clear how autonomous the 99 is in its functions and capabilities. It probably still has a laser rangefinder coupled with the FCS, but if we do not find comprehensive data, will this “probably” be enough for the gaijin?

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As the Type 99 HSP got implemented as part of update 2.33 Air Superiority,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7

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