Type 91 Heavy Tank

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The Type 91 was a Heavy Tank built in 1931 which was the precurser to the Type 95 Ro-Go Heavy Tank in game, and had many features carried over from Japans first tank built in 1927: the Type 87 Chi-I. Similar to the Chi-I, the Type 91 had two 1 man turrets on the front and rear of the tank which housed a 6.5mm machine gun, and a larger 3 man turret between the two armed with a Type 90 57mm main gun, and rear facing 6.5mm machine gun. Though the main guns exact capabilities are unknown, it is likley similar to the one seen on the Chi-Ha. The Type 91 has considerably weaker armor than the Type 95 at only 17mm at its thickest, meaning in game, it would have to rely heavily on its above average crew count for survival.

Surprisingly, despite the Chi-I being classed as a Medium tank, and the Type 91 being classed as a Heavy Tank, the Type 91 is slightly lighter at 18 tons, with a more powerful BMW IV inline 6-Cylinder 224 hp gasoline engine. The Type 91 uses the same parallelogram, or swing arm type suspension system as the Chi-I, with 34 road wheels total.

Why it should be added:
This tank could act as a tech tree version of a Japanese heavy tank at a 1.0 battle rating, and would help add to the already limited amount of options Japan has for heavy tank within its ground forces.

Crew: 6 (Driver, Gunner, Loader, Commander, and two Machine Gunners)
Armor: 8mm-17mm
Armaments: 1x Type 90 57mm cannon, 3x 6.5mm machine guns
Mass: 18 tons
Engine: 224 hp
Suspension: Swing Arm

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Yeah, it seems cool

Do I smell a potential japanese tt heavy?

Shure, but it would be absolutly bad. The gun is ok, but the tank is slow, huge with no armor.

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+1 a japanese heavy tank is allways welcome to the game, u worked hard great job!

A decent choice for a starter (1.0) vehicle though.

+1, more Japanese heavies


+1 Alongside the two even crappier Experimental Tank No. 1s or what ever they’re called.


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These heavy tanks deserve to be at the beginning of the Japanese tree.

+1, more interwar/early ww2 vehicles pleaseeee

Type 89 Light Tank & Type 91 Heavy Tank

Army Technical Headquarters. 1933. Current and Future of Weapons


Saw this posted on Twitter yesterday, i had to look up the channel and see if somehow a rare footage of the O-I is hided somewhere, but their videos are mostly from 1930s.


Caption in the film says “Type 91 Heavy Tank”, but it’s actually Experimental No.1 Tank after it was remodeled in 1930.


For reference:

Experimental No.1 Tank (1927)

18 tonnes, 15mm armour, 20km/h, 57mm tank cannon.

Experimental No.1 Tank (Remodeled) (1930)

16 tonnes, 15mm armour, 21km/h, 57mm tank cannon.
also called “Experimental No.1 Heavy Tank”.

Experimental Type 91 Heavy Tank (1932)

18 tonnes, 20mm armour, 25km/h, 57mm or 70mm tank cannon.

Exp No.1 Tank (Remodeled) and Type 91 Heavy Tank are almost identical. Here are ways to tell them apart:

  • Exp No.1 (Remodeled) has inclined subturrets with less volume, Type 91 turrets do not have inclined sides.
  • Outer plate covering the suspension of Type 91 is horizontally level, Exp. No. 1 (Remodeled) has one that elevates towards the front of the tank.
  • The upper rear of Exp No.1 Tank (Remodeled) below the subturret is pointed upwards, Type 91’s rear upper surface is flat.

There are other differences, like the shape of the vents and geometry of the hull, but those are less obvious.