Type 67 Model 30 Rocket Artillery

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Type 67 Model 30 Rocket Artillery ( 67式30型ロケット弾発射機)
The Type 67 The Model 30 was a Japanese rocket artillery rocket that was intended to destroy enemy landings on Japanese territory. 48 rocket launchers of this type were built, which were used until 1992.
In 1955, a year after the formation of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, discussions began on how to defend the country against the amphibious landing of hostile forces on the home islands. It was decided that long-range artillery, preferably rocket artillery, was needed for defence. It was decided to produce their own long-range missile and not to export such weapons from America or Europe. In August of the same year, research on long-range missiles began.In May 1956, research began on small liquid-propellant rockets. In addition, the Equipment Planning Committee began work on long-range missiles in 1956. In 1959 a mock-up of the rocket was ready, and then the first prototype was ready in 1960. In 1962 the rocket was ready, along with the launcher on which it was to be mounted (only the launcher without the vehicle), the tests were planned for 1965.Unfortunately, due to problems at the proving ground, the tests were postponed to 1968. In June 1968, after tests, the launchers and the loading system were unified. It was decided that it would be a mobile system mounted on a Hino Motors ZC-series truck. On October 3, 1968, the system was introduced to the JGSDF under the name Type 67 Model 30.This launcher was used by the 1st Special Division (第1特科団) ,125th and 126th Missile Battalions from 1968 to 1992.
Structure description
68 Type 30 rocket grenade on the cargo bed of a Hino Motors ZC-series truck. It is equipped with a double launcher. The launcher has a launch rail protruding above the driver’s seat with the cargo box as a fulcrum, and the end of the rail protruding from the rear of the vehicle body. The angle of elevation of the starting rail can be adjusted, but it does not have a horizontal rotation mechanism. Therefore, the rocket is only projected forward and upwards.

Photo type 67 model 30

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Type 67 Type 30 Rocket Launcher

  • Length: 8.24 m
  • Wingspan: 2.44 m
  • Height: 3.35 m
  • Gross Weight: 12t
  • Engine: Hino Motors DS30 6-cylinder liquid-cooled inline diesel engine (power: 160 hp)
  • Top speed: 70km/h
  • Crew: 4 people
  • Production: Hino Motors (body), Japan Steel Works (launcher)

Type 68 Type 30 Missile

  • Length: 4.5 m
  • Diameter: 337mm
  • Weight: 573 kg
  • Head weight: 227 kg
  • Maximum range: 28 km
  • Manufacture: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The Type 67 Model 30 rocket launcher would be a very interesting vehicle for the Japanese tech tree. It is a combination of mobility (70 km/h) and powerful firepower (227 kg warhead), but at the price of weak armor (none). You could say it’s a Katsusha with Sturmtiger missiles, which is a very interesting vehicle for Japan. This would be a very nice premium addition for Japan. I encourage you to discuss in the comments and share your own knowledge on this topic.
Finally, I apologize for the linguistic and logical errors because unfortunately English is not my main language and I had to use google translator.

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+1 because funny but I’m pretty sure it’d be nearly useless due to the fact that it can’t aim anywhere near 0 degrees.

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Neither can the Russian equivalents in game, so they fot a feature where the vehicle can lower the front and “dig in”

Doesn’t seem practical, but would be an interesting event reward.

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Says the truck had 6 cylinder inline diesel engine with 160hp output.

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