Type 62-I suggestion tip and discussion

Hello everyone, greetings from the Brazilian dictatorship! (it sounds like a joke but it’s not)
Well, I think it would be interesting to discuss the possibility of having the Type 62 evolution in the game.

This version called Type 62-I has the laser rangefinder as can be seen in the photo.
And I believe your cannon should be stabilized, but I’m not sure.
And I also assume he should use APDSFDS ammunition, the same one used in the ZTS63.

This light tank, with a laser rangefinder, apdsfds ammunition, and a stabilized gun, (or not) could be an interesting 7.0 or even 7.3.



Good find! Looks like a blast to play!

This would be a pretty low effort addition. Probably would be a premium like the ZTZ-59A.
I’m hoping for the Type-62G to fill in a higher BR light tank spot.


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