Type 55A, Shantou-class Gunboat: A planing boat that cannot plane

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Type 55A, Shantou-class Gunboat



Type 55A Gunboat (NATO reporting name: Shantou-class Gunboat) is the second-generation gunboat designed and manufactured in PRC and equipped by the PLAN.

After the PLAN began producing the first-generation patrol gunboat (Type 53A) in 1952, it used the technical drawing of the Soviet Pr.183 torpedo boats to design a 75 tons Gunboat in 1955. Since Soviet experts suggested dividing it into two models: wooden hull and steel hull, the Qingdao factory was responsible for the construction of the wooden hull version, code-named Type 0101, and the Hudong factory was responsible for the construction of the steel hull version, code-named Type 0102. Since the two soviet-made B-11 twin-mounted 37 mm gun turret at the bow and stern occupied the deck space, the weight increases and the torpedo launcher has to be abandoned. Therefore, it is about 10 tons heavier than the soviet Pr.183, at the same time, it has a weaker engiene. So although the boat adopts a high-speed planing boat design (same as Pr.183), speed of both wooden and steel hull can only reach 22.4 knots (41.5 km/h), only half of Pr.183, evaluated as “A planing boat that cannot plane”. So the wooden hull was completely abandoned, the steel hull version became the Type 55A and was put into mass production. A total of 76 ships were produced.

On september 2 1958, the Kinmen Liaoluo Bay Battle, boats 556, 557, and 558 used their superior firepower (Total 12 x 37mm gun) heavily damaged ROCS Tuo Jiang (PC-104). In February 1959, boats 565, 566, and 567 from the PLAN East Sea Fleet’s escort fleet sank the №62 gunboat of the ROCN.



Type: Motor Gunboat
Displacement: 75 tons
Length: 25.21 m
Beam: 6.06 m
Draft: 1.8 m
2 × 3D12 diesel engines, 300 hp (224 kW)
2 × M50 diesel engines, 1,200 hp (895 kW)
4 × FANG shafts
Power: 3000 hp
Speed: 22.4 knots (41.5 km/h)
Crew: 36
Radar: Type 512 surface search and navigational radar
4 × 37 mm guns (2×2)
2 × 14.5 mm heavy machine guns
2 × depth charge rails



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