Type 40 recoilless rifle on a Mitsubishi C-25 scooter.

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In late 1949 the US gave the Republic of China (ROC) in Taiwan the plans and examples for the M20 (T21) 75mm recoilless rifle. With this they created their own domestic version, the Type 40 75 mm recoilless rifle, produced by the 61st arsenal. At first they didn’t have the manufacturing capacity to create new barrels so they used leftover 75mm barrels from the M10 tank destroyers they had converted into 105mm SPG’s. They also didn’t have the capability to properly manufacture the shells for the gun at first. So they converted Japanese 75mm type 94 mountain artillery shells and US 75mm mountain artillery shells to use as the ammunition. Eventually they gained the manufacturing capabilities to domestically produce the intended barrel and shells of the M20.

Taking inspiration from the French’s M20 75mm recoilless rifle mounted on a Vespa the ROC military decided to do the same. The main scooter type they seem to chose is the Mitsubishi silver pigeon C-25 which the Joint logistics arsenal in Taiwan heavily modified. The gun is seated underneath the seat and it seems like it can carry 2-4 extra rounds.
On December 14 1950 there was a demonstration was where Jeeps and scooters mounted with recoilless rifles showed off their capabilities. Unfortunately I can’t find any images or video of this demonstration. The 75mm scooter was eventually phased out as the user had to get up close to enemy armor to accurately fire the gun and at the time communist China obtained more heavily armored tanks that the 75mm recoilless rifle couldn’t reliable penetrate.

Modified and unmodified scooters w/ the joint logistics arsenal emblem

joint logistics arsenal logo


Silver pigeon C-25 (unmodified)

Length: 1,985 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 980mm

Engine: Air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine Vertical forced cooling, 3.0 HP (3800 rpm)

Base max Speed: 60 km/h (less with all modifications)

Base Weight: 135 kg (more w/ modifications)


C-25 advertisement & specifications



Type 40 75mm recoilless rifle

Diameter (Front): 74.93 mm
Diameter (Back): 76.45 mm

Total weight: 52 kg

Total length: 2077 mm

Rifling length: 1653 mm

Rifling amount: 28 grooves

Combustion chamber volume: 5,362 cubic centimeters

Maximum chamber pressure: 460 kg/ cm2

Muzzle velocity: 304 m/s

Maximum range: 6,400 m


Type 1 round (modified type 94 HE round):

Fuse: Japanese Type 88 fuse

Propellant: US type 1.45 kg

Full weight: 9.7 kg

Full length: 730 mm

Warhead weight(w/ fuse): 6 kg

Armor piercing round (Modified from US 75mm mountain gun)


Type 1 ammunition

Modified US 75mm mountain gun AP ammunition



43式75公釐無後座力砲 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書




Mitsubishi scooter catalog 1 sheets Silver Pigeon C-25 type new Mitsubishi -ply industry corporation 1953 year about : Vintage bike * Showa era two wheel car * motorcycle : Real Yahoo auction salling



國防部聯合後勤司令部 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書


New meme “tank” lol


Omg please give me this thing. Id love hiding in spots that were so unexpected or just being a general pain in the butt for the enemy +1 times a hundred for me!

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…bwahahahaha I love it!

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Does it have the ability to elevate or depress the gun?

Now we will get tier 0 vehicles.

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No, don’t think it can

Then how would it even work?

Its not fired on the bike. That’s only how its carried. The French also had a moped mounted RR for their airborne.

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+1 perfect

Meme scooter.

I mean how would it work in game. As of right now we dont have any kind of deployable weapons.

It wouldn’t. Notice the two scooters in the second pic? That is the weapon system. One carries the gun, the other carries the tripod. So they would need to ride up to a position and then spend a few minutes dismounting the RR from the mopeds and setting up the gun. They are very much a stationary AT gun in action.

I don’t really understand how this got accepted as a suggestion. The rifle is clearly not able to be fired from the scooter.

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…damn! That complicates things…

The few sources I can find say the scooter is the firing frame. Main thing is finding photos or videos of the December 1950 shooting demonstration.

+1 I would love to see this and the vespa with recoilless rifle in game.

I seriously doubt that. The sights and trigger are all under the seat.

Here is Tank Encyclopedia’s video on the French one, it clearly shows it can’t be fired from the scoot.

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