TWS Radars need a keybind for Manual vs Automatic

Radars in TWS mode are missing a crucial part of radar tracking workflows, at least the way the F-18 radar workflow as it exists in DCS.

That is a key bind which allows your TWS to switch between AUTO and MANUAL track while also have cyclic switching enabled. Currently it’s just fixed to AUTO when Cyclic target switching is enabled, which is a total pain.

The difference between TWS, AUTO and MANUAL is that under AUTO mode the radar will do its best to center the scan pattern on the soft locked TWS track. While in MANUAL mode it makes no effort to center and the pilot must manual slew the radar to keep the soft lock track in scope.

Why this matters? Given the high amount of targets we have in war thunder a player is more likely to want to utilize MANUAL mode at the start of the match to try and guide in several Fox-3’s to a clustering of aircraft. Currently in AUTO mode if the last target of three that you have soft locked veers off last second you will start to lose the track of the other two missiles unless you start to cycle back to them which can be a total pain if there’s a lot of tracks to cycle through.


F-14 have same capability(for switching AUTO and MANUAL)
But im not sure about other planes, like a SU-27 and etc.

I don’t think Gaijn is trying to remove player convenience features from different aircraft radars based on what they had historically. For example I’m not sure if all Jets had access to cyclic target switching but they do in game. Therefore I think it’s valid for all planes to get this key bind.


But they modelled MiG-23 radar now
And RAM for F-15

TWS is not ideal in many cases. but this seems like improved control

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