Two guns 1 turret = KV-1 (U-0)

Here is a potential vehicle suggestion! Sadly I do not have time for a full fledged research suggestion, so here is a cool vehicle to share for all.
The first prototype KV-1 that went to the Winter war along side the T-100 and the SMK.
Armed with a 76mm L-11 and a coaxial 45mm 20K. Reload rate probably slightly reduced for both armamants. But still, the more the merrier.
The playstyle will be similar to KV-1 L11, but with less fear of light targets or multiple targets, because you have 2 guns!

Also is it just me, or do some of you think the playstyle will be simitar the the M6A1? Anyways, vote your opinion.

Do you want it?
  • Yes please! In techtree
  • Yes, as premium
  • Cool find, but no thanks

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But that doesn’t make sense because it’s still just one loader.
You can only use one gun at a time, or just fire the second gun and have to wait for the first to be reloaded to reload the other X_X

Now that I think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the M6 either πŸ€”

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It doesnt matter irl, because it is Gaijin’s game. But think it this way, the loader has two arms, so he can grab both types of ammo and shove it in both breeches at the same time XD



I want. Give!!

He works hard.

The german Nb. Fz. has a similar layout, with 1 loader, and it can also magically reload both guns at the same time.

Premium or tech tree, gimme

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True πŸ€”

Shouldn’t even have APCR or HEAT πŸ˜‚

It is a bad tank already, it should have those.

By what logic?
Neubaufahrzeug was used in 1940 and it is well known that Germany fielded 7.5cm HEAT already in 1940 for PzIV.

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The 1940 HEAT penetrated like 55mm. I also highly doubt that the Neubaufahrzeug was ever used in combat.

They did saw combat both in Norway 1940 and Ukraine 1941. Making Gr.38 Hl and Gr.38 Hl/A available for it. Also like Gaijin has many times stated shells are open for balance and if gun can fire the round it can be added to it.

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Btw, does anyone have info about the turret of U-0?
Its quite fascinating that it looks like later 1942 pattern cast turret. Is the armor similar to 1942 version, because only thing I can find about is that it had problems and that is why they went for welded turret for 1940-41 tanks.

It is likely 60 or 75mm.