Twitch Drops Esports issues

I live in the land down under otherwise known as Australia, I dislike the current going ons with the Esports skins being timed in the worst times imaginable trying to get a good night sleep. Between the times of 1AM and 2AM my time zone is terrible for getting the skins I think its unhealthy and unkind for it to be set in such times for people who like to sleep at reasonable times.

My main issue comes down to this: it does not respect my time or life style I don’t want to be conflicted between staying up and feeling like a bus hit me in the morning but I get a cool skin or a healthy sleep…I enjoy this game immensely.

It should be something like 24/48 hours straight all channels have twitch drops, or at least replay the stream for other time zones.
Thanks for reading this rant.

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Even for people who are awake at the time it’s a nightmare currently - 4 hours for everything, but the stream only runs 4 hours and 45 minutes? That means there’s only a very, very brief 45-minute window to remember it’s happening, to get on Twitch, and make sure Twitch isn’t being dumb and not counting the time.

Gaijin, please, put the stream on a loop or something for the weekend so people can actually get the drops.

Remember, they did 24hr re-runs for a bit so that people could get the drops easily, but as soon as they did that the viewership dropped massively during the matches and they realised that noone actually watches the esports because they care, they just want the drops, so they stopped doing it. Gotta justify the investment gaijin puts in to it somehow.