TV Guided Bombs for Germany and what is actually considered as a SHIP for Tornado IDS?

The Tornado IDS Marineflieger has access to AS.34 Kormoran Anti-Ship Missile. I see the radar in the Tornado can lock to the Ships as well as small boats. Also, it can lock to the pillboxes.
My questions are:

  • if the ship or boat is on the ground, does it still considered as ship? Can radar still be able to lock on it?
  • if an amphibious tank floating on the sea, does it considered as ship?
  • What about pillboxes, I mean, yea in documents, the radar has limited capability on pillboxes but still can lock and as we see same in the game.
  • So what is preventing the radar to see the big vehicles like Pantsir-S1 or FlaRakRad or Tor-M1?

It can basically lock on boats that are even smaller than those SPAAs.
Is it a game thing, game mechanic, or it is a realistically accurate thing that I don’t know about it?
There is not a good way to defend the aircraft or disable the SPAA for Germany. There is no such a TV guided bomb or long range guided weaponry on any aircraft in German tech tree.

Currently, there are only 3 vehicles that have access to guided weapons. Hunter F.58, F-4F and Tornado IDS ASSTA1. But all of them useless, because Hunter F.58 and F-4F has only 2x TV Guided missile, which can not even reach to the target if fired from far distance like 10 KM. It is impossible to get closer when there is Pantsir-S1 down there. On the other hand, the Tornado IDS ASSTA1 even needs to get closer to the target to be able to successfully guide the laser for the laser guided bomb, which is even more impossible.

I only want to discuss this topic, it’s not a bug report or suggestion.

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There is this, but Gaijin haven’t added it.

What i dont get is why the ASSTA1 can carry so little in ordinance? The F-16C with a max payload weight of 7,700kg can carry 4 gbu-24. The AMX has a 3,800kg payload and can carry 2. Why the TORNADO with a 9000kg payload can carry only one??? The Tornado can carry 3 taurus 350 IRL, each weighting 1400kg, but cant carry more than one GBU-24?

I think it goes back to the gulf war era. I dont know if this is true for the German Tornados though. I only know about the British Tornados. In essence. They only carried them on the belly mounts with preference to always use fuel tanks. During the Gulf war, GR1s did actually carry 2 on the belly, but used a Buccaneer S2B to buddy lase the targets, and so did not need their own T-Pod. In game, with the requirement for a T-pod on the aircraft, it can only carry one.

But honestly, I have no idea why in-game they can’t carry them on the wings. Like you said, no issue with PGM-2000s or 2x 1000s on the wings currently, and certainly was able to carry weapon systems like Taurus and Storm shadow on the wings without issue. Would be a meaningful buff, especially as they have IOG. Best guess, balancing decision. Harrier GR7 and AMX are sub-sonic. Tornado is not (though again, PGM-2000s… )

It might be on of those, “was never done because fuel tanks were prefered but could have been done if ever needed, just good luck finding evidence for it” situations

I think the devs just dont like the Tornados…


As for the overall thread. Yeah, Tornados need more weapon choices, GR1s have the luxuary of the PGMs which finally feel fairly good (they have been overly fiddly since being added)

But all of them, especially the ASSTA and IDS (italy) could certainly do with some more options. I know the GR1 is missing 5x GBU-12s (500lb) so Im gunna assume so are the other Tornados, that would help a bit, but yes, they really could do with a stand-off weapon like the glide bomb. Also curious whether docs are out there for German and Italian tornados being armed with PGMs. Was surprised that was a Britain only thing actually

This summarize. At this point is not even about what could’ve be done IRL. The tornado is one of the worst strikers at it’s BR range. Germany got a 70U$ that has only dumb bombs. Like wtf, every other plane on the bracket has some kind of F&F ordinance or more guided bombs, the Tornado is fast but turns like a brick, it should receive more weapons, or get a significant decrease in BR.

Yeah… WTD61 is such a missed oppotunity.

Its even sadder when you realize WTD 61 is one of the testing groups of the Bundeswehr, they test all the funky and foreign equipment to see how realistic it is to integrate

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