Tutorial of AIM-9C

Hi there, can anyone explain, step by step how to lock AIM 9C missile? When I press the weapon lock button, there’s no indication that it’s locking to onto anything.

Aim 9C is a Semi Active Radar Homing (SARH) Missile. That means that First you need to lock a target with your radar and keep it locked. Then when you heat the missile you will have 2 circle instead of one. One will be your normal one, second will be either around the first one or will be an incomplete circle. That is your strenght of radar signal. If you fire it under 50% missile will not track. Most of the time fire only when you can clearly see both circles.
When you launch the missile you have to kep the target locked with a radar. If the lock is broken missile will not hit. You also have to watch out for chaff. It works just like flares for IR missiles. 9c is a very early missile, so it easly goes for the chaff and radar on plane that carry 9c is also prone to switching to chaff. You need to watch out and make sure that both missile and your radar are locked on a plane, not on chaff. If you see that your radar switch ed to chaff you can unlock and relock within 2-3s timeframe so your missile will not explode midair and keeps tracking.

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What if you don’t have ach mode such as the F8E? I’ve been trying to practice at the test range but can’t lock Mig15bis.

F-8E is the only plane that carries AIM-9C. You might not have the “lock radar on target” key bound. When you see the target that looks like | — | in your radar scope, press the lock button and it will lock on. Then you can turn on AIM-9C and fire it.