Tutorial about cas in warthunder

Hello guy im new here, here is my first post i just wanna ask you how to clearly see enermy when you guy CAS with russian Jet example Su22m3 or Su25. I didn’t see anything and when I did I die by missile shot from somewhere :)). So hey pro can you help me. I only play ground mode, recently I bought a plane for CAS so that why i create this post. Thanks for read this ( sr for my english )

Please do not buy your way to top tier stuff.

Spaa missiles almost aways produce a lot of white smoke. You should be able to clearly see them being launched. Plus radar spaa will ping your rwr which will warn you.

Best advice is simple. Do not tunnel vision, watch for smoke and listen to your rwr.

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Su-22M3 is terribluh for CAS, it works more as fighter bomber,

Su-25 is terribluh for Air RB, and so, a vehicle specific for using in ground battles with the laser missiles, just let’em pointed into the enemy and wait until you see big kaboom!

Just use zoom and you should be fine.

Piggy back off noobs buying top tier….

So you plan on CAS 10.0 GRB with what 1.0 reserve tanks?

Hopefully at least something with a .50 cal. lol

I main tank battle not mean im new player, when i said " im new here " is mean im new in the forum so sorry for not explaining. And im research all the top tier tank russian so now i want buy some plane to learning cas. So can you help me :))

Thanks bro i just want to use both of them in GRB i know is " terribluh" in ARB so yeah that why im create this post

Sr but i dont want to research from rank 1 to Top tier Air, im too lazy for that, sr. I like to play tank and ship but air no. So that why i need to buy pre vehicle and create this post to learn from pro air player. Anw thank for your angswer :))

Well…CAS is better to start with slower planes at lower BRs…so you learn how to find and aim at the enemy tanks…

Short version is the enemy tanks are small black squares…usually found by looking at the usual spots or looking for movement…also useful to look for firing, even if not in your direction.

I tried custom battles in the past…you can define it in a way that you are the only human, with AI enemies and friendlies…so you can go into planes and experiment…
AI will usually move a lot and not use AAA effectively…i often crashed more often than i was shot down…was good practice, even if no rewards are given.

oh thank bro