Turm III - What's with the third axis?

Why doesn’t the turret move around the third axis?

It’s in the name: 3-achs → 3-axis

Erprobungsträger mit 3-achs-stabilisiertem Turm

Is this a bug or did Gaijin not care?

Nah gaijin just lazy


Both. It’s a bug that Gaijin hasn’t addressed because it has a extremely minor impact on gameplay so it’s not worth the effort to fix

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Game doesn’t support 3 axis stabilization at this time, so they didn’t add it - while the original devblog for it ADVERTISED that feature.


It doesn’t really matter to performance to be brutally honest XD, essentially it just has the turret rotate left and right based on a pendulum where it would change the rotation of the turret to stay 90° perpendicular to the sky, while on a slope. There are lots of gun sights in game right now that should have a “third axis” stabilization to account for rotation, if I remember correctly.

But they would not have to write the animation for a one off model rig for them.

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It’s supposed to have 3-plane stabilization meaning if the tank rolls or tilts, the turret stays stabilized to where it was pointing. Gaijin was lazy though and didn’t model that.

Oddly, whenever I mentioned to people at the time that this was advertised as “coming” even though they were selling it, people never seemed bothered gaijin just… didnt give people it in the end, nor compensation for not getting it even though it was sold explicitly as the feature pending iirc.

I used to have a couple screenshots of the store page/blog with it explicitly said it was going to have the feature while it was on sale, which is a tut tut tut.

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