TURM III is not 8.7 but the AMX-30 is

This is an insane imbalance.


Premium tanks are P2W.
If you have a problem with that you should consider deleting the game or join the path…

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Not many give you a distinct advantage over other players. Yes, some are underteired, but I don’t believe there are any truly P2W vehicles in War Thunder. in order for something to be P2W it has to give a meaningful advantage over other players ingame. Something like the Premium strv-103, or Tiger II H sla.16 aren’t P2W, same with stuff that’s just a copy of the same vehicle in another TT.

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Turm 3 isn’t p2W, it takes 0 skill to oneshot them. I’ll admit I’ve had some games where I do too well, but for the most part, if someone competent gets the drop on you you’re dead. Meanwhile the Amx-30 is more survivable with better armor. Turm 3’s turret literally screams shoot me, my ammo rack is right here! So I’ll never understand why people get mad about the vehicle and not people’s playstyles to utilize it, ignoring other vehicles

AMX-30 isn’t stabilized nor does it have a 30mm coax or a 5 second autoloader


Object 279

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