Turkish Ground Forces Tech Tree

Here is a Kazakh vehicle that could be added

A Humvee with a Konkurs ATGM seen in this military parade


There’s nothing much Turkish about this, all Kazach vehicles in the presented tree at least have Turkish roots.


Two things of note

  1. It uses the Konkurs ATGM instead of the TOW ATGM that the Humvee uses. The only other ATGM that the Humvee uses is the Kornet which is mounted on Greek and certain Middle-eastern operated Humvees
  2. The US does not need this since they already have plenty of domestic ATGM variants of the Humvee to choose from

It may not be Turkish but it is a unique Kazakh modification and it would be a shame if it is added to the US TT

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I’d see no issues with the US option, agree to disagree then

Otokar Cobra MRAP with 25mm Mızrak turret.


What does Turkey have to do with the Konkur?


I see your point but we are following a strict rule in Kazakhstan’s vehicles it either; has to be related Turkey in one way or another or fully made by Kazakhstan. HMMWV with Konkurs just does not fit in either category. Yet I appreciate your input


M60T1 is the latest variant of M60T from TİYK-M60T Project that was inducted in Turkish Army.
ASELSAN VOLKAN-M Fire Control System has replaced the original Israeli system.
Many other domestic systems were incorporated to replace the legacy components



Turkish ACV-15 APC with BMP-3 turret


Right now, War Thunder does not need a new Tree in nations, otherwise it will suffer the same fate as Israel and will hardly be touched by players. Instead, some of these vehicles could work as a Sub-Tree for another nation or as independent vehicles and I would love to see some Turkish engineering represented in game, like we already have in US tree & others.
Also, starting at Rank IV or V with stock crew is a bad idea. You either get disadvantaged to other Rank IV vehicles with partial points on their crew, or you get forced to put GE into training which is not good. Again, Israel did this and it’s hard to start with stock crew at 6.0 - 6.7.

P.S.: I know there was a lot of hard work in the picture of the tree, but it would have been better to be sectioned in several other pictures and more readable, even with zoom it’s hard to distinguish the names and images of some vehicles. Otherwise good work, I know it takes some effort to put all this data in one post.

Probably because Kazakhstan = Turkic.

Might as well put Japan, China and Korea into one Tree then

We did the math, our tree project has more vehicles and is more unique than some in-game trees like Israel and China. I know they are not good examples but if they can be standalone trees then Turkey definitely should be able to as well.

You’re right, thats why we’ve also included another version where it starts from Rank 1 but it has copy paste vehicles. It is up to people to decide.

We are currently working on a big ground tree update, where we shape the tree project based on feedbacks from the forum post.

We are working on that problem, thank you for your interest and appreciation!


Can’t wait to get my hands on tech tree M60’s with 120mm guns. M60T going to put in some work.


Me too man🔥


When the 5th generation planes are added to the game, I would like to see KAAN in the game.


KAAN’s first production model will be 4,5th gen, so it may come sooner than you expect!


We are looking forward to the Turkish tree.


perfect i hope we can see all in game soon :3 thanks o/


thats cool we need this tree


The Turkish tree needs to be added to the game today, not tomorrow, it is very valuable and beautiful.