Turkish Air Force Day: Get Yourself a Decal!

On June 1st, 1911, the first aircraft squadrons appeared in the Ottoman Empire with the support of Germany and France. In the early years of modern Turkey, its leadership paid special attention to the Air Force and by 1940, the Turkish Air Force became the largest in the Middle East and the Balkans, with more than 500 aircraft. Today, about 50,000 people and about 300 aircraft are in service with the Turkish Air Force.

Earn the “Emblem of the Turkish Air Force Command” decal!

You can earn this themed decal for this day.

When: From May 31st until June 3rd (11:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using aircraft of any country at rank III or higher to receive the “Emblem of the Turkish Air Force Command” decal.

Emblem of the Turkish Air Force Command” decal

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, and [Assault] mode.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Turkish Air Force Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Neutral countries → Aircraft” tab in the Customization menu.

This is a good addition to collect.

I was expecting the Turkish crew voice lines to be rerecorded properly as you promised previously for all the nations, eventually, those were applied but the Turkish ones.

And I still expect the multicolor aerobatics smoke for these kinds of little events for all the nations. I believe Turkish players are a huge part of the player base of this game and would absolutely love it.

Also, I would really want to see more Turkish vehicles in the game, could be a sub-tree, but I believe there are plenty of aerial and ground units to get its own tech tree. I know it would be another one that has a copypasta tree a little, but what nation is not beside the big ones? it has plenty of unique ones after all!