Tune down GSh23L or buff Colt Mk11/12 belts and NR30s and DEFA

It doesn’t make any sense how a single GSh23L shell is going to sever your two wings off or cut your plane in half, yet all ADENs or NR30s do is just cut a wingtip or leave a black fuselage. GSh23L is without any doubt the hardest hitting gun in game, even harder than the GR7’s railgun. Seriously the nr30s are garbage compared to the GSh23L. I’ve ONE SHOT enemis with the belly gun on the yak38m with a single click (dying after because the plane has no flight performance at all) but then when I am 1v1’ing someone on the mig19s all i do is getting hits. Hits here, hits there. When I get an Su22 on my back it crits me without killing me, when i get to reverse an F-104 I only tear it’s flap, etc.

GSh23Ls fire fast, so they put more lead down range.
It’s not that the bullets themselves are more powerful, it just fires faster.
30s hit harder.

its russian. even though we have actual reports of U.S planes absorbing 23mm cannon hits, but to be fair, the colt mk11/12 cannon weren’t much better off

so let me put this right, a single click of GSh23L that throws 4 23 mm bullets is going to do more than a single click of nr30’s that throws 6 30mm bullets with more kinetic energy and tnt load? Where logic?

a single 23mm was enough to make a sabre useless for combat, the thing is that those guns in game that even have much higher rate of fire or much more explosive mass and kinetic energy act like plinkers when they should do more than gsh23l, which acts like a true 30mm. Colt Mk11 and M39’s have the same (if not more) rate of fire. Colt Mk11 fire much faster than GSh23L and although the shells travel somewhat quick, they lose all kinetic energy (as so do vulcan and m39) past 500m away from the muzzle and in the case of mk11, it despawns at 1km from the shooting point.