Tucker Armoured Car

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Move over boys there is a new speed demon in town

The Tucker Combat Car (or Tucker Tiger Tank) SPAAG

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While best known for his work on the Tucker Torpedo in 1948 Preston Tucker had several other unique vehicles on his resume. The Tucker Armoured Car (aka Tucker Tiger Tank) was one. Prior to America’s entry into the war Tucker had built the first prototype in a factory in Jersey while the plan to sell a batch to the Dutch. However the deal fell through when the Dutch became engaged with other priorities (the Nazi invasion). Never one to be deterred by a minor setback this fast talking salesman then pitched his prototype to the US Military.

The military did show interest in the Tiger, but despite a certain myth the vehicle was not reject because of its speed. In fact the vehicle initially did very well and did lead to innovations in suspension, however when it came to the off road tests the vehicles problems were thrown in sharp relief. Firstly when it attempted the sand course after failing the first time it could only make it through by going at full speed. While it did make it through in a straight line the course was suppose to have curves so it failed. The military didn’t even try to complete the mud course. The major drawback these test showed was that the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive was not suited for the rough terrain that the car would’ve been expected to take part in.

The main armament was a semi-automatic 37 mm anti-aircraft/anti-tank gun from American Armament Corporation with a rate of fire of 50-60 rpm. It’s the same gun on the duel armed Marmon-Herrington MTLS-1G14 tank.

It’s unknown what happened to the sole prototype although Tucker probably lost it or scrapped it when his business “empire” collapsed.

While the vehicle has been lost to history a replica did make an appearance in the movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream



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*It’s speed is shown around 2:07





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