TU4 MASSIVELY Powercrept

Tu4 was already in a bad spot at 8.0 where its often vaccumed into 9.0. Buts its so much worse than that now. First nr23’s range was nerfed, then realshatter was introduced which destroyed tu4’s fi-t belt. Then the onslaught of ir missiles and that matra missile and fireflash on the vantours and hunters that have no counter whatsoever. tu4 should NOT be seeing 9.0’s period. 7.7 is where this thing should be sitting. Beyond ridiculous at this point

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real shatter is fixed, IR missiles is real problem. TU-4 is actually way better than b-29 so it needs to be higher BR. i think 8.0 is fine if you play it to its strengths (in squad)

Even fixed realshatter is a nerf to the previous mechanic. A vehicle shouldnt have to squad up to by viable at its br. It should be 7.7 so it doesnt see constant 9.0 matches

no way 7.7 is way too low. Gaijin should merely adjust the preferrential match making that it gets so it gets same BR matches mostly

How is 7.7 way to low? its a .3 br adjustment… Sounds like you’ve never flown a tu4 in your life; yup, no tu4 in your stats

i admit i have not flown it but i have fought against it. you dont fly a plane to its weaknesses but to its strengths…
BW how did you check my stats? from Thunderskill?