TTD wrong thermal generation

The TTD in game has a gen 1 thermal imager. According to Tank Technology Demonstrator (TTD) - Tank Encyclopedia and many other sources the TTD has a 120 element Thermal imager (65 above is gen 2)

Gen 3 thermals needed and a Spall liner

Source:General AFV Thread - Page 90 - Mechanized Warfare - Sturgeon's House


Forgot to add but the TTD also has a missing spall liner (information seen in picture)

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bug report

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i would bug report it but for some reason i cant browse my screenshots when reporting it and its a required field

go to support, ask them to help

Just did it waiting for response

Yeh when you can get it bug reported

just made the bug report

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dam how do i link it?

@Gunjob is this enough information?

Cant forward that, its one issue per report, you need to break it up.


He means that you need to make 2 seperate bug reports

ah ok yeah ill do that

ok i broke it up into 2 different bug reports.


Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 10.49.04
Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 10.50.42

I have no information on the specifics of the Rooikat 105’s sights, but they look very similar to those of the TTD, and the Rooikat has 1st gen thermals (in game).

65 above is gen 2

Where do you get this from? Because if so, perhaps we could get the Rooikats thermals bumped up as well…

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Thanks i didnt realise i posted the commander sights but now i see that the commander sight has gen 2 night sights so i dont know if that is thermals or nightvision…

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Ill do some quick research to see if i can find anything