Trying to report a player for aimbotting and search is telling me "player not found"

Literally not even 15 minutes ago ran into a cheater aimbotting, reported him in the replay (which I doubt will result in a ban even though its blatant since Game Masters rarely ban cheaters anymore)

So I went to search his name in the global search ingame to see his stats on other vehicles, and it is telling me “user not found”

Did this cheater change his name that fast so I cannot search his name? I have other cheaters that have changed their names but their old names still pull up their changed name profiles so I want to know what the deal is with this.

I am able to go into replay and click on his name pulling up the general info but not the details on the games side that I want so I can look at all the nations they have to further prove my speculation (not that i need to as the replay is blatant enough)
If changing a name can stop players from seeing their profiles something is definitely wrong with the way changing names works. (if that’s the case)

At 01:28 is proof they are clearly cheating.

Username: Only regret