[TRSF] Are you new to Sim? Fly with us!

The Rising Sun Forces

TLDR Version:
Looking for new sim players.
We mostly fly Japan. (Not required.)
BR Matching: 2.0-4.7
US Timezone
In Game Contact: Fannon

Who are we? What do we want?

The Rising Sun Forces has been a private Squadron for myself ever since I got my girlfriend into flying. I have recently decided to open it up for recruitment. While anyone who plays Simulation may join if they wish, my focus will be on new players to Simulation.

It is my intention to offer knowledge, tactics, and control setups for HOTAS to newer players to help them become better Simulation players and encouraging them to remain in the game-type by ensuring that they have success when flying!

Any nation is allowed, but I will note that for myself I am mostly only flying Japan. I have a special place in my heart for Japan dating all the way back to the Pacific expansion for IL2. They may be fragile and easy to destroy, but they rank number one in my heart!

Our BR matching is normally going to be in the 2.7 to 4.7 range, (depending on cycles) as this is the most frequent BR range for new sim players.

About Myself

I have been playing flight simulators since I was introduced to IL2 Sturmovik in 2002. Today my flight sim games are mostly Digital Combat Simulator when I’m in the mood for some long flight hours and in-depth gameplay. For my WWII itch I normally go to IL2 Great Battles. For some relaxing simulation play I come to War Thunder. As my GF still prefers War Thunder to the other, more difficult, flight sims I find a lot of my extra time being here.

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Don’t be shy. We’ve gotten a few folks who know next to nothing and are having a blast!

Even got some Catalina’s out and did a 3 man bombing formation on airfields and they loved the idea of flying in a formation. So regardless of how little you know, you’ll fit right in and have fun and learn while doing it!

Hey there! Do you guys have a Discord server to take a look at? :)

We do, it’s just my personal discord, nothing dedicated solely to WarThunder. But it is where we meet to talk when playing.

We still flying and vibe’n! If you’re new to Simulation, never tried it but want to, or just looking for other Simulation folk to fly with give us a shout!

What times do you normally play (I’m a US Main)

I’m sick of getting 3rd partied every time I’m in a good dog fight.

Hello!, is this still up?