Troubleshooting weird image lag

For the last couple of weeks i have been trying to narrow down the cause of lag im experiencing when playing Air SB, EC. To keep this concise i will list what ive ruled out(as far as i know, i could of course be wrong).

  • Not correlated with low fps, fps drops/spikes, ping, PL, insufficient RAM /VRAM, cpu/gpu thermals.

  • I have updated drivers, verified files, tried compatibility mode and running the game in all graphics settings. Also turned off any 3rd party overlays.

So ive tried the usual things you do when your game is lagging, but couldnt figure it out since it only happend sometimes. But today i found out how to replicate! And this is where things gets a bit weird and i dont really know what to make of it.

Its kinda subtle but god is it annoying. I dont even know how to describe it? Is it frameskipping? never seen it before.

This only happens in Air simulator battles EC. It only happens after about an hour into the game. And listen to this, it doesnt matter how long i have been playing for. If i join a game that has already been playing for an hour, my game lags. If i join a game at the start and play for an hour, my game lags. If i reboot and join the same game again, still lagging. And everytime i join a β€œnew” game, ie from the beginning, no lag.

Any help would be appreciated <3