Troubles with the vautour

issues with playing the Vautour aircraft

IMHO the Vautours are the most awful vehicles in the game.
With recent changes which made them not being to spawn in air, the became even more useless.
By the time i take of, the Su-7’s are already at the base (over exaggerated), and i already get shot down by a starfighter going 1300 km/h, or being shot down by a missle.

most well known issues with the vautours:

  1. Flight Characteristics: The flight characteristics of the Vautour planes to be somewhat challenging, particularly in terms of maneuverability and agility compared to other aircraft in their respective battle ratings. They are already being criticized for feeling sluggish and less responsive in dogfights.

  2. Armor and Survivability: The Vautour planes have relatively poor armor and survivability, making them vulnerable to enemy fire. This was particularly noticeable when facing opponents with powerful cannons or missiles.

  3. Weapon Effectiveness: While the Vautour planes were equipped with a variety of weapons including bombs and rockets, their effectiveness in combat is limited. This is especially true when facing heavily armored ground targets or agile enemy aircraft.

  4. Stock Performance: The stock performance of the Vautour planes could be underwhelming compared to fully upgraded versions. This could make them feel less competitive until players unlocked and upgraded crucial modules.

  5. Matchmaking Balance: In War Thunder’s matchmaking system sometimes led to situations where the Vautour planes are being matched against opponents that significantly outperform them in terms of speed, maneuverability, and firepower.

  6. Repair Costs: High repair costs for the Vautour planes are still very high compared to everything else, especially if you don’t achieve good results or earn sufficient in-game currency to cover expenses.

  7. Limited Variants: The Vautour lineup in War Thunder is relatively limited compared to other aircraft families, which restricts players’ options for customization and gameplay variety within this particular aircraft series.
    Which is ashame because they are beautiful aircrafts.

The vautours (IMHO) need to get their airspawn back, or their br’s have to be lowered.

  • Lower in BR
  • Air spawn back
  • Something else
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I fully agree with this. The Vautours are in a super sorry state right now. I wouldn’t say they’re the worst vehicles in the game (the Zachlam Tager exists), but they’re some of the worst planes in the game.

The only thing I disagree with here is the limited variants part. I don’t want more Vautours. There aren’t any left to add and even if there was some left, I wouldn’t want them. We have enough suffer machines as is.

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Zachlam tiger is actually good, you just have to be god tier at using WASD controls for the missile. Seen some sick stuff on YT with it

Zachlam Tager is still better than Type 60 ATM tho, cause it doesnt need 500m of space before the missle becomes useable.

I would like to see more Vautour variants. They are beautiful and allround good vehicles (if they are balanced correctly).
Those planes were designed to stay in the air for quiet a while, and engage a target when assigned.
But in this game; they have to take of when the conflict already started and the enemies are already in the air. This wouldnt happen in real life.

There aren’t any Vautours left to add aside from the prototypes and an Israeli Vautour IIB.

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Now ground spawn finally killed it. I payed real money for the worst plane in the game… It even barely starts with a bomb load and never reaches any base…

I’m playing the french Vautour IIB, it might be the worse plane I have flown in this game. It has no offensive weapons, no airspawn, turns like a ship and doesn’t have any actual qualities. It has potential if it gets an airspawn, but now its just impossible to play it.