Trouble with aiming over walls, fences and destroyed tanks?

Is just me or does everyone have trouble with the cross hair staying on walls, fences and when trying to fire using a disabled tanks as cover? I have been killed multiple times, which I don’t mind but when it’s because I can’t get the cross hairs off what it’s locked on to that seems like a problem. It’d be great if it locked on to what I am shooting because that would be a great, I could use the help. I’m relatively new to the game and am wondering if it’s just me. I can play on high graphics with no other problems so is it graphics related?
Anhy help would be appreciated thanks.

Arcade or realistic?

Don’t play arcade, so can I assume you’ve clicked the setting so you have your crosshair looking through the barrel and not through the gunsight?

Other than that, I think it’s just an annoying feature of the game which usually happens when you cycle from the gunsight to the outside camera view.

I’ve found it happens if there is a tree or building/obstacle which affects the outside camera view and can throw off your aiming. You just have to compensate for it.

Can you show it? I’m curious.

Under options look for Camera from tank gunners sight. Switch it to NO.


Do you mean the arcade hit marker? the little white cross that shows impact point and changes colour depending on armour pentation chance? If so its likely what @_Mr_Fahrenheit said. That marker shows the point where your shot will hit, but because the tanks gun sight is off to the side of the gun (and on some tanks higher to) it wont match up with the sight crosshair. So while the sight shows a clear line to the target, the gun is actually still obstructed so the marker appears to be stuck on the object that is blocking the gun.

So this sight position will show an aim point that is high and to the right of the actual impact point:

By turning off the tis setting:

You switch to “bore sighting” or aiming down the gun barrel of the tank. which dose this:

Now you don’t have to worry about allowing for the error between the sight and the gun, if you have a clear line of sight, you have a clear line of fire.
Hope that helps.


thanks I’ll check that

thanks I’ll check that out

No bro, you`re not the only one. I hate this feature pretty much as this stupid circle EVERY TIME tries to jump on ANYTHING closer to my tank than the enemy to ruin a shot… I just stopped shooting with 3rd person because of that. Thats really unnecessary feature ruined 3rd person shooting

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You can also hold down the camera key and use the free look to hold your barrel steady. I use it when travelling to prevent the gun barrel from pointing at the sky.