Transfering PSN account to PC permanently

I saw news about transferring PSN account to PC permanently which was about 3 years ago. Sadly I was on a break back then and missed it.

Since I don’t even use PS4 for gaming anymore, it is sad that I can’t access to market on PC.

Is there going to be other chances in the future regarding account transfer? Could it somehow be possible again in any way? Are there any plans… I’d really like to know.


If I remember correctly they said they will open the service again in the future so just wait and follow the news

Have an amazing day ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙


Thank you for the reply. You too.

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nah allat we are here to be rotton


I just want it now i’m crying

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there is nothing we can do, we are here to be rotton . i have the japanese argm from last event now its standing for nothing lmao i had 2/3 books to get losat i missed one singulair piece of wood and i couldnt make it, its very sad i could buy on market but guess what ps4, we are getting rotton and there is absolute nothing we can do

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I just sent a request in the gaijin page asking some news about this topic, I neither play on ps4 anymore and currently im playing on PC, its a shame that gaijin doesn’t do anything about this but I will keep insisting, and I think you guys should do it too.

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so its true you cannot transfer from PSN to PC anymore? Holy shit that sucks! I got spent so much money on PS5 theres no way Im spending another dime just to get close to the same point I was at on PS5…that really blows. Lost all will to continuing playing.

They just reopened it a few weeks ago.

In January, actually.

Please read the pinned topic on this very forum, the transfer is available currently.