Transfer of console-created accounts now available

How many time did it took? I’ve been waiting 2 weeks just to start, and by now it’s the second day after they said the have started

Gaijin sent me this email but how do I get in touch and just respond to the same ticket?

If you have fully complied with all the conditions, and you accept them, please contact us to start the unlinking process.

Best regards,

Senior Support Specialist (IISL)
Gaijin Support Team

i think it was last sunday when i first submitted a ticket

yes, they’ll normally close it if too many requests come in. so they can focus on the current tickets and get them complete

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Just say you agree, and you want to start the precess, in the same ticket of course

ok thanks

hey guys they sent me a message back to start the process yesterday, since its the weekend would i be able to play still since they are not in office or is my “process” already started?

Id say if your able to login and play then play until sunday

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Hello! I am InfinityRibbon from before in this thread, I had to make a new account because I can’t access the forum anymore with my e-mail as it shows this error attached: what should I do? Thank you!

lucky you, im still waiting xD

Thanks for the update, atleast I know they still doing it rn

when did you create the ticket?

Created January 28, 2024 16:25 (UK time)

Alright fellas I was LostxHelix earlier and clearly the transfer may have went through, but how do I log back into the support page to check? Also have not received any emails and this is my only email. Just curious to check

try your normal password and email, if not just try changing the password

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All I had to was change my password now I’m on the pc account. Appreciate it bro

np mate hopefully mine gets done soon

congrats, hope mine gets done soon. kinda annoying tbh

Those of you that messaged and have been unlinked and completed… what category did you mark your ticket? Technical issues? Just wondering because mine was answeredon Jan 31 and forwarded to a specialist. 2 weeks later and no update.

update: I just tried to sign in and it said my account was frozen, thank the gods, hopefully it dont take all day but i can wait. i also just noticed my name changed, so its still in the works, i was EatHatsNow and ig it went back to the og name.