Transfer account: I just don't understand what gaijin wants me to do

Hello, I know that this topic has already been treated, but I really just don’t understand what I have to do.

So, one week ago I had a response from gaijin (after one month and half, but it wasn’t a problem, I knew that it would take time). They told me that it was good, and that if I accepted the terms, they were ready to start and that I had to contact them (Gaijin store team). So I responded to the ticket and I have no response since one week. During this time, a friend (who did the same procedure) told me to create another ticket with the name “start the unlinking process”, but gaijin told me to stay in the original ticket, except that I have still no response.

So my problem is not “it takes to much times”, it’s just that I don’t understand if I have to wait or to contact them somewhere (as the store team said, because there is written to contact them, not reply to the ticket)

Pls someone help me

Thank you