Tradeable coupons, battle pass, and marketplace

If I make it to the tradeable coupons for the Swedish Kungstiger and Chinese P-51C I don’t think I want either… What do you generally get in Gaijin coins for something like these?

Wondering if I should just use them to get a free battlepass, or trade them on marketplace…



There are a few P-51’s already on the marketplace, so for those you can probably just look at those prices over time and figure out how much they’re worth, which is like $20 I believe, but I haven’t checked for those in a while.

As for the kungstiger I’d say it’ll probably go for $30-$80. It’s basically a copy and past, but also the only heavy tank for Sweden as of now.

If you’re thinking about trying to get the next BP for free but are unsure if you want to use coupons for it, I’d recommend holding off turning them into a new free BP until the vehicles are announced, that way you know if you’ll really want them or not. If you do, turn them into the BP. If you don’t want them, sell them or consume them.

Hope this helps! :)

So if I get $20 for the P-51, and $30 for the tank, that would pay for 2 BP seasons… Sounds like a plan… ;) Thanks!

Well hang on. That’s what they could sale for, I’m not saying they will. You also don’t get all that money. Gaijin gets some of it.

Ex. You sell the 51 for $20, you won’t get $20 (GJ coin), you’ll only get like $18.

When selling something on the market make sure the box that says, what you get after fee’s is however much you want for it. Also don’t sell it at the first price it says, change it. Yes, if you sell it at that price, you get the money right away, but you’ll get less than what you can get. I also recommend holding off on selling either one of them for a few days. That’s just so that the prices settle down a little. You can try and sell it right away and hope someone will scoop it up real fast, but that’s a risky game. However, if you want to try it, but want to change the price of the sale later you can also do that.

If you have any more questions feel free to PM me. Or if you need on any explanation on what I said, ik it is kinda confusing :)

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Gotcha… I was just saying that it sure seems selling them looks like a better way to go than saving 2000GE on the BP. Seems like I can do a fair bit better by selling. possibly… ;) Assuming I make it to level 125 ;)

Yeah 😂

Good luck with it! :)

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