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As a follow up to my previous suggestion for the LANCER FMP, i am proud to present the more conventional sister project the TRACER SIKA. Which was the competing design in the test bed program, though unlike the LANCER it has a more conventional apperance. In terms of features its specification is identical to the Lancer, though its more conventional design gives it better firing angles and a lower profile. A TLDR of its features are as follows:

  • Fully stabilised CTA International 40 mm Case Telescoped Weapon System (CTWS) capable of firing APFSDS (This is the same gun that will equipt the AJAX when it enters service)
  • Raytheon Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) which is the same as the one currently mounted on the M1A2 currently in game (Gunner and driver also have thermals)
  • Maximum speed of 90 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 48 km/h in 9 seconds.
  • Advanced hydropneumatic suspension system
  • Design includes stealth characteristics in its design and has a very low acoustic, radar and thermal signature.
  • Commander and Gunner both have full control of the main gun at any time
  • Crewless turret, the three crew are located in the hull

As can be seen in the pictures below it has a classic IFV profile, and along with its impressive modern cannon, speedy chassis and advanced thermals i feel like it would be a fine addition to the end of the british light tank line :).png “:)”)


Vehicle history:

In 1999, the UK Defence Procurement Agency, acting on behalf of the UK and US governments, awarded contracts to two consortia, Lancer and SIKA, each worth £90 million and to last for 42 months. The UK and US governments shared the cost of the work equally through to mid-2002. The role of the vehicle was to carry out day/night all-weather reconnaissance in a covert and stealthy manner, with additional requirement of the the system being fully air transportable in a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules aircraft. Today we are going to focus on the SIKA testbed which was developed by a the SIKA consortium that consisted of the following arms companies:

  • British Aerospace
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Vickers Defence
  • Smiths Industries
  • Computing Devices Company
  • Pilkington Optronics
  • Shorts Missile Defencer
  • General Dynamics

the consortium would be required to produce detailed specifications, training requirements, production plans/costs and an integrated demonstrator vehicle, for their entry to be considered, which they managed to present for early 2002 to be tested against the LANCER test bed. Unfortunately around this time the US withdrew from the TRACER program in favour of their own home grown future combat system (FCS) resulting in the MOD having to make a choice to stay with the program which now looked unaffordable due to the lack of multinational involvement, or focus on their own Future Rapid Effect System (FRES). The MOD decided to test the test beds and try and gain as much knowlage from the test beds as possible before quietly cancelling the program to focus on the Boxer and Ajax, which have used some of the concepts tested on these vehicles in some of their modular upgrades. Unfortunately aside for some testing done by the british in late 2002 the project was pursued no further, and it like alot of projects was cast to the trashcan of history to be dabbled in when cetain technology might be required.

Additional photos showing the SIKA undergoing trials:



Vehicle specification:

In terms of performance it was identical to the Lancer FMP, as the two where built as sister projects to the same specification, the main differences where in regards to their sensor suits, which would play no real part in game.


In line with this the main gun is also the same CTA International 40 mm Case Telescoped Weapon System (CTWS) gun system

[Broken image removed by Mod: Thatz]

  • Rate of Fire 200 Shots per minute
  • Fire two ammunition types selectable <3s (he and APFSDS)
  • Remote operation
  • Low integration volume <80 litres total swept volume
  • Dispersion > <0,35 mil APFSDS > <1 mil GPR
  • Minimum Fatigue Safety Life 10,000 rounds
  • Operates in safety –46°C to +63°C
  • Satisfies prevailing UK MoD and French DGA safety standards
  • STANAG 4439 insensitive
  • Reliability >98%
  • Supports ‘coincidence’ fire control solution

secondary source showing additional stats for the cannon



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