TR-85M1R Technology Demonstrator

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During the Future Armored Vehicles Situational Awareness (FAVSA) 2023 confrence, Major Suhan Ionut, chief of the Armor Directorate in the Romanian Land Force Staff said that Romania is considering upgrading their TR-85M1 tanks as a stop gap solution until Romania can introduce a new MBT into its Army, and that tests for this upgrade package could begin as soon as 2024, and indeed, a technology demonstrator for this modernization program was publicly unvailed at BSDA 2024, along with the fact that Romania plans on upgrading all 54 TR-85M1s, along with 54 more TR-85s, with a total of 108 tanks set to be modernized. The modernized variant is designated as TR-85M1R, and was made by Romanian state defense company ROMARM.

For starters, the engine of this new variant is similar to the original, however it has been overhauled and refurbished, along with the addition of an engine monitoring system, and preheater. From my understanding, the horsepower and max speed of the vehicle currently remains unchanged, so I’m unsure if the engine overhaul would provide any in game performance difference. They could possibly give this variant better acceleration than the other TR-85s if they wanted to make this things mobility stand out more, however that’s just speculation. Other mechanical upgrades include an improved brake system, and new double-pinned, rubber padded tracks.

The real meat of this modernization is in regard to its FCS overhaul. modifications done to the FCS is shown in the list below.

  • Improves original Ciclop-M FCS to new Ciclop-MR standard

  • The SAILR laser warning system is replaced by the SAM-76 laser and radar threat integrated warning system, made by Romanian company Pro Optica, which warns the crew of any incoming threats, and can automatically trigger the smoke launchers. Four sensors have been placed on the turret cheeks and bustle, giving the tank all round laser warning protection.

  • Received the SAE-85R all-electric gun stabilization and control system, which is an improvement over the SAE-85 all-electric gun control system seen on the standard TR-85M1.

  • The gunners backup night vison device in front of the commanders cupola is removed.

  • replaces the French made MATIS third-gen gunners sight with the Pro Optica Condor LRD sensor module integrated into a continuous zoom cooled thermal imager.

  • Replaces Commanders EC2-55R low-light sight with Pro optica Condor MRD sensor module, which installed on top of the commanders cupola, and integrated into an uncooled thermal imager, laser range finder, and daytime camera.

  • “Hundred-Eyed Giant-MR” integrated into the gunner’s thermal imager and the commander’s optoelectronic module

  • L3 Harris Technologies digital communications system integrated with Interactive Systems Battle Command and Control Application (BC2A), and Battle Management System (BMS)

  • improved drivers dashboard

  • Improved fire suppression systems

All of these upgrades are powered by a new alternator which replaces the old Kollmorgen 20kW generator

The tank retains all of its original armaments, with the best round it has access to being the license produced BM-412sg APFSDS round, which is the Romanian designation for the Israeli M309, which has an initial velocity of 1,400 meters per second, and can penetrate 425mm flat RHA at 1 km



Dimensions (L-W-H): 9,96 x 3,43 x 3.1 (32.7 x 11.27 x 10.2 fts)
Total weight, battle ready: 50 long tonnes (55.12 short tons)
Crew: 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)
Propulsion: 8VS-A2T2M C.N. 8-cyl., TC DI diesel 860 hp (640 kW)/2300 rpm
Max speed: 60 kph (37 mph)
Range - Fuel: 400km (250 mi)
Armament: Main : 100 mm A308 41 rds Sec. 12.7 mm AA - 7.92 mm coaxial LMG: 500 & 3500 rds.
Armour: Composite armor, turret 320+20 mm, hull 200 mm






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Can be a premium, though gamewise will it have any difference from the non-modernized Bizonul?


Loved this style. +1

It’s manual loaded…

Sick! Probably could be folded with the TR-85M1 or a premium to support any future K2 or M1A2 addition. +1

Performance wise it would be small changes but theyd still be there. Brakes would likley be slightly more responsive, better gun stabalization, and commander has an independed thermal viewer paird with his own laser rangefinder.

Maybe if you really wanted to stretch it they could improve acceleration or something to reflect the refurbished engines, but that would be 100% speculative without confermation on what was improved within the engine.

Tho we may just have to wait till when/if they do introduce this thing into service, as there might be some tweaks to the production model when compared to the TD

Just put Romania into the game


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More Balkan countries = More butthurt non-Balkanians

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