I don’t believe this is modeled correctly ingame.


IRL, the TOW-2B is capable of inflicting catastrophic ammunition fires. In-game, the TOW-2B is capable of inflicting catastrophic ammunition fires. A single video doesn’t show a rate of detonation to hits


its always fun only damaging the top mounted mg with the tow2b xD



Shrapnel absorbed by crew member. Critical hit.


see if the Ukrainians will give you some data for missile expenditure and hit-to-kill ratio. otherwise there just isn’t an argument to make here.

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The video posted shots critical detonation from a side angle hit. Ingame this penetration will be absorbed by the crew member or the optics. This is not logical.

I wrote up about how the TOW-2B works, and how poorly its implemented in game, for obvious balance reasons.


“balance reasons”

I would like to understand what balance reasons prevent the missile from being modeled properly.


due it way too good at smoking Russian tanks


TOW-2B received some serious bugs since the last major update. Now it explodes if a teammate is sitting nearby. Even if the missile isn’t flying over the teammate it will still explode for no reason.

They just need to model in the second efp charge or buff the pen to account for a 2nd charge. Hopefully they fix it at some point but I’m not holding my breath.

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The question is, is there any ammunition that works correctly?
Nowadays, HEAT-based ammunition is an extreme disaster, and works with enormous randomness, so it’s a failure. And meanwhile gaijin is not doing anything to solve it, apparently the game is already too well done, and it doesn’t It is necessary to touch anything, great job gaijin.

The missile is modelled somewhat accurately, but the Soviet tanks are not. Have you ever noticed that the fuel tanks on the sides of the tank obstruct bullets from reaching the ammo in the autoloader? Bullets seem to pass right through the ammo and exit the tank on the other side, as if the ammo model is generated after the bullet leaves the tank.

Additionally, when attempting to fire with a red barrel/breech on Soviet tanks, 8 out of 10 times, the bullet fires successfully. However, when dealing with tanks from other nations, the barrel/breech tends to explode 9 out of 10 times.

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It’s very capable of inflicting some damage to my breech and turning my commander yellow lol

video is not correct the tank was filled with estimated charges as ammo to simulate catastrophic explosion

from the video description “can do to a fully loaded T-72. In slow motion you can see exactly when the blast reaches the fuel and munitions on board”

Does the ammo wheel change positions if it’s fully loaded versus semi-loaded?

there is more ammo stored not only in the carusel autoloader there is alot of ammo in turret and inside hull not only in the carusel

Would these rounds normally be taken?

most of time they are not but the video states that its fully loaded t-72 so all of the shells are inside the tank