Tournament ended early and now I can't recieve drops

So I found out about the Tournament and the twitch drops last night so yeah beat me up for not religiously following the WT news.

So I figured since the Tournament had one more day for the first set of drops and was scheduled for more than 6.5 hours that I could get them, but it ended early today after about 4 hours around 1930UTC.

Also the news post and twitch have 2 different end times, 2200UTC and 0200EST(0700UTC).

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Edit the stream says 5 and half hours, I was only able to watch for just under 4 hours.

22:00 UTC would have been 5 pm EST. But it ended at 3 and it makes no sense. Several of us are honestly annoyed since it means the stream ended at 20:00 UTC, not 22:00 UTC. Therefore whoever wrote the blog wrote the wrong timeframe.

Wait never mind. Misread it.

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