Totally useless Panther 2 night vision device

If this feature was useless before becuase night battles was extremply rare now is eve more useless. This thing only is effective for block the gun depression and make this tank more easy to spot.
So why not make this removable module like extra armor ???


Funnily enough it’s one of the main reasons I want the panther II lol. For whatever reason it’s the only German tank in the game with the FG1250 IR configuration. If they really are going to gatekeep it, then at the very least the panther G and or F should get the option to mount it.

Night battles just got removed temporarily. It’s not been that long and it’s not even out yet if that change stays so why remove the modification? Also the IR sights were one of the iconic features of that vehicle.

Night battles was removed from Panther 2 BR range long time ago. And yes is iconic, but is useless, the driver device can block the gun depression and the commander is a big thing saying “hello and here drestroy me” .
Just add the NV like the extra armor module or some modifications, you can remove it as you wish.

Or don’t invest time and money into a pretty rare vehicle that has a minor problem very few (one I’ve seen) ppl complain about

What does that have to do with wanting the annoying and useless thing to be removable?

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Bcs it won’t happen bcs of that exact reason

No removable just hide if the player choose this option just like armor modules or sideskirs in VFW. But some “SPECIAL” people see this bad ))))

That’s idiotic, the vehicle is still in game. Making it a module you can remove hurts no one and would probably be a easy enough job.

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i mean be glad it has it as a neat decoration on a fictional design(as it is currently in game long with the 10cm tiger and the premium T2) , i hope the model gets corrected to its historically accurate version and added back into the TT ,as all a PII is supposed to be is a slightly up-armored panther so thats something gajin should easily be able to modify by removing that silly 88 and adding in its proper gun

Same thing with the Minenabwurfvorrichtung on the Tiger I. Remove them as they do not work

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Yep, exactly the same, i reported Tiger problem long time ago too but of course ignored. Probably both are intentional nerfs.

I just die becuase my gun depression was blocked by the TOTALLY USELESS night vision device. Why the module can be removed specially when the Panther 2 CANT see night battles???

Just add the NV device as removable module like extra armor o sideskirts.

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With the new addition of play or not the night battles is time to make the NVD module removable.

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I already had the panther 2 when night battles were a common occurrence, but I still never got a single one at that BR. I have never used its NVD once.

It’s not even useless, it’s actually damaging, since it messes with gun depression and also makes you easier to spot behind cover because it sticks out from the turret.

Please, please, please, allow me to remove that garbage from my tank.

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Totally agree, just look the new TOG 2 with only one click you can disable or add the extra secondary gun module.