Toss bombing? How about toss rocketing? (CCRP for rockets)

As the title suggests, is CCRP or ‘Toss rocketing’ a thing we could see in warthunder?

As far as I can tell, it is a real tactic and vehicles have been equipped to be able to display a CCRP reticle for such a tactic. Most notably, it has been used in the current conflict. (Below)

(From a DCS HUD)

While I highly doubt the effectiveness for dumb rockets in ground RB, it seems like a great tactic to extend the range of APKWS rockets (which don’t have CCIP for some reason either) And would also be useful for base attacks in heli EC.



Also, the Feature that releases all the rockets at once even if they’re at a massive quantity like let’s say, x256 rockets. You can release all 256 rockets at once for both CCRP and CCIP.