Torpedoes not going where aimed?

So this was happening to me using Brit DD’s a lot tonight - some torps from a salvo would go in direction aimed, others headed off somewhere else…

Per screen shot - red arrow is where aimed, yellow is where 4 of them went to…


Have raised an issue:

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Had the same issue for the past few days. Usually just one torp going in absolutely random direction. Once Im not sure if the angle would allow for such torpedo release lol

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Same here… tried several ships with different nations and same results, some torpedo take a wrong direction like @Josephs_Piano explained

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had the same issue with the japanese frigate Chidori - sometimes one torp goes correct but the other one not. I also observed that after launch some torps make sometimes a change of course - but its not reproducable

It happens pretty much with every ship for me - US, UK, German Soviet, Japanese - not evey salvo but hte majority of them

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For everyone’s info - 10 ppl said they have the same problem, and it’s been sent off to the dev’s.


the issue is still present - not only on ships with adjustable launchers but also on boats with fixed tubes.


Still having the problem today 21/05/2024…

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Yep, just happened to me again as well. Super neat.

I saw this post the other day yet never had this problem until last night.

As I launched the last three G7e torpedoes from the Torpedo Boat Jaguar in a knife fight against Torpedo Boat Leopard the first two would hit sinking the sister but the third went off to woop woop with me asking what the flux is with that one which seems to sail an impossible angle.

I hope this will get fixed soon as I can see it screwing up more critical torpedo launches against foes.

On an unrelated note, But did torpedoes take a recent nerf? (I’m gonna check changelogs soon) As I’ve survived countless would be fatal torpedo strikes along with watching high yield torpedoes just get absorbed by their targets. (This might be better as its own topic).

  • maybe its the modelling due to the 84. anniversary of the german “torpedo-crisis”… :-)

I have a supposition regarding the postponed naval event - maybe Gj did this due to the torpedo bug? Imagine they start a naval event with buggy torpedos…? This would cause a lot of critics…

Someone pointed this out in the issues forum:

After some time, the torpedo changes direction, to move in the “right direction” (but sometimes it doesn’t).

I’ve been looking for this since I saw the post and have seen it too.

Had this happen last week while playing coasties. One of four came out of the tube and then took about a 30 degree right hand jink. Did get a blip in ping at around the same time but IDK if that could be the reason. Shouldn’t. I wasn’t turning so there shouldn’t have been a desync issue…