Torpedo protection module and other upgrades

Many ships in game are very old design, while these ships were active, they had many upgrades. I saw here post that ships could have many different configurations. With planes, you can add few more guns, with tanks you can add reactive armour for example. Or just add more armour, like tracks over tanks etc.
There are many ships in game currently that are in its “baseline” configuration.
There could be more researchable modules for ships, like there is the floatplane. There could be module for old ships, like some anti torpedo protection (if it ever got some), more armor that was added years later. More AA etc. These would change the ingame model a bit, its a lot of work, but it would be very costly upgrades and unique to naval. Some ships were equipped with different main guns, different AA, different armour configuration. I am not asking for free stuff here, some of these upgrades would be very costly, like 1/4 or 1/3 of the ship research cost. It would require new model etc. a lot of work.

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This would solve a bit one issue of naval, like there is not enough ships to make a tree etc- you can only put 20 ships in bluewater fleet for some nation. if you look closer, you will see that most of the ships were refitted 1-3x over their lifespan. And again I am saying that these upgrades should cost you a lot of RP and SL, but its upgrades to the ships, so you cant put the same ship 3 times in battle with different configuration. You can spawn it once, in 1920 or in 1935 configuration, this will also change BRs and so on, but it would add hundreds of ships into this game mode.