Torpedo Daihatsu (Type D-class Large Motor Boat with torpedoes)

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TL;DR: A Type D “Daihatsu” Large Motor Boat turned into an MTB.

Disclaimer: I currently can’t find any images of this modification but there are reports of it being used around Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Luzon & Mindanao.


The Daihatsu Large Motor Boat entered service in the Type A form around 1925 as the standard landing craft of the IJA, over the years after its initial introduction multiple models were developed which in turn resulted in the Type D model, this model was capable of transporting the IJA’s Type 89 I-Go’s. Due to the success of the Type D the IJA also ended up developing what effectively was the first ever amphibious assault ship; Shinshū Maru. However this will be a story for another time.

Following its success in the IJA the IJN also took an interest in the Daihatsu’ for a transport role rather than landing craft role though. The Daihatsu over its long service life saw use in all areas of the pacific war, from China to the Aleutian islands. One of the lesser known roles though is the use of the Daihatsu as a Motor Torpedo Boat.

Going into late 1944 the Torpedo Daihatsu first appeared around Peleliu with the complete blueprints being captured by the USMC during the battle of Iwo Jima. During the interrogation of a POW that was captured after the first appearance of this vessel reported that 6 vessels of this type were converted showing that it’s not just a one off field modification. There isn’t really much known outside of that other then it also being spotted around Luzon and Mindana, if anyone has more information please feel free to add it!


Displacement: 9.5 Tons
Length: 14.8m
Width: 3.30m
Draught: 0.8m
Carry Capacity: 11 Tons

1 x Diesel engine
1 shafts, 60 shp
Speed: 9 knots (16 km/h)
Endurance: 100 nautical miles @ 7.5 knots

Complement: 8-12-70 (Varies by source and purpose)


Machine Gun x1

  • Type 92 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • Type 93 13.2mm Heavy Machine Gun

Torpedoes x2

  • Type 44 Torpedo
  • Type 2 Torpedo
  • Type 2 Special Torpedo
  • Type 91 Torpedo
  • 6th Year Type Torpedo

Torpedo drop collars

Torpedo specs

Ammunition: 45cm Type 44 No.2 Surface Torpedo
Weight: 750 kg
Speed: 65-48km/h
Range: 4-8km
Warhead: 110kg Shimose

Ammunition: 45cm Type 2 Surface Torpedo
Weight: 1000kg
Speed: 72km/h
Range: 3km
Warhead: 350kg Shimose

Ammunition: 45cm Type 91 Model 3 No.3 Aircraft Torpedo
Weight: 850kg
Speed: 77km/h
Range: 2km
Warhead: 240kg Type 97

Ammunition: 53.3cm 6th Year Type Surface Torpedo
Weight: 1432kg
Speed: 65-48km/h
Range: 7-15km
Warhead: 203kg Shimose

If anyone has any additional information please do add that or let me know so i can add it to the suggestion


桜と錨の海軍砲術学校−史料展示室『終戦時の日本海軍艦艇』(第2復員局 昭和22年4月) - Special thanks to hypilot for this one!


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Could be an… interesting rank I boat!

Japan Administrative Division, 2nd Demobilization Bureau (April 25, 1947) “Japanese Naval Vessels at the End of War”
This is official document about Japanese warships to report to USA. (2nd Demobilization Bureau is former Ministry of Navy)
This document published at this website 桜と錨の海軍砲術学校−史料展示室『終戦時の日本海軍艦艇』(第2復員局 昭和22年4月)


I completely forgot to check if that site had anything, thanks! I will add it to the original post and it’s rather nice to see that atleast the firepower isn’t just a single 7.7mm but that a 13mm also was possible.

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Armed landing crafts are always welcome!

I hope to see not only Torpedo Daihatsu but also 203mm rocket-laincher Daihatsu, Gunboat Daihatsu. If we can select weapon configuration it is very good:)

By the way, technically it can equip 20mm auto-cannon, too. Also, largest cannon used on Daihatsu will be 75mm mountain gun but they are bit heavy (300-600kg) so I don’t know it is possible to equip both torpedoes and cannons.