Tornado IDS Kormoran - what can it lock?

I’m having trouble understanding the purpose of the AS.34 Kormoran missiles. I remember when it came out the Tornado’s Lock radar was able to lock on some targets, but now it just refuses to work in both ARB and GRB matches. In test flights there’s some boats it can lock to, but there’s not a single top tier ARB map with boats.

It can sometimes lock onto Bunkers, but thats more RNG…
otherwise it can only lock onto Ships/Boats
but even if you find a Ship, and fire the Kormoran onto it, it mostly Misses or hits just some BS which doesnt kill it… but in SB you have on pretty much every map boats to try to hit

i haven’t ever played air sim. what’s it like?

I find it THE mode to play attackers and bombers in, as it doesn’t have those insane AB/RB furballs where everything happens within a 5 mile bubble. You can choose your way to target and back trying to avoid enemy detection, and thus survive in aircraft that are otherwise mainly food for fighters…


I’ve found in the German test flights I can’t even lock onto the ships, the only thing I can lock are aircraft.

I don’t need to point out Kormorans are pointless against aircraft either.