Tornado GR.1B

I think we should add the Tornado GR.1B to the British tech tree, perhaps in a folder with the GR.1. I think this, because we already have the Marineflieger, but it is an event vehicle, so rather than having someone pay an absurd about of money to purchase one on the marketplace (if you didn’t get it in the event), we have a similar version in a tech tree.

Why would you want to grind 400,000 rp (plus modules) to unlock an identical Tornado GR.1 with Sea Eagle being the only difference? Just give the Tornado GR.1 a module which gives it Sea Eagle (like the Jaguar GR.1A has a module to turn it into the GR.1B).

We have a thread for discussing British Tornados Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion - #737 by Flame2512

200,000* RP if foldered.

that hasnt been impelemented yet lol

Sorry my bad.

Well they can just copypaste the Marineflieger and put a RAF skin on it. Sins all Tornados are more or less compatible with each others ordnance, as you can see.

Mason-F-K+Tornado (1) - Kopie