Tornado F3 ALARM/ Tornado EF3

Hello all,
I am aware ARMs have been suggested a lot by now but I wanted to add my suggestion. The addition of the ALARM missile to the Tornado F3 or, a dedicated Tornado EF3 folded in with the regular F3. Why ALARM for the F3 and not the regular GR1? After all the GR1/4 carried the ALARM operationally. If the ALARM was given to the GR1 it could be overpowered a possible loadout in GRB would be X4 ALARMS X2 PGM2000S X2 MK13’s and X2 1000lbs bombs. An EF3 would reasonably only be able to carry X2 ALARMS & X4 AIM9s drastically limiting its ground attack capability and only allowing it to target SPAA’s.

This change would also improve SPAA gameplay. The current meta is spawning in a Pantsir, and go on on TikTok until something comes on your radar, you kill it and go back to TikTok. The threat of an ARM introduces a new mechanic into that gameplay, instead of being stationery and lit up like a Christmas tree, players will be forced to only have their radars on as little as possible, only turning them on to take a shot. This also could increase the lethality of SPAA’s. Not always having the radar on will lure regular CAS planes closer to the battlefield which in turn decreases their survivability when those SPAA’s shoot them. It also means that you won’t just sit still in spawn, forcing SPAA’s to use skill in moving around when necessary and using stealth.

What do you guys think, Not only does a Tornado EF3 introduce a new game mechanic but it does it in a limited way which would not be overpowered. Other platforms that could be added that would similarly affect the game would be the EF111 Raven and the EA6 Prowler.


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Interesting idea for balance you have i like it

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Its an interesting idea, but I think Id still want them for the Tornado Gr1/4.

Because, whilst yes, it would mean you could semi-hard counter a few radar guided SPAA system, anything else and you would be kinda useless.

Now, briefly, what this means:

The pantsir suffers the least. Thanks to radar, fast missiles and the ability to lead multiple targets. This missile is very easy to shoot down for pantsir and there is a little need to hide the radar.

The VT1 will have more problems. Mostly because their radar worse and it would be more difficult to find this missile with it. You’ll need to turn off the radar from time to time.

ADATS suffers the most. ADATS is the best spaa to counter USSR jets and the worst to counter NATO jets.

At the end biggest losers will be the “NATO” teams and especially USA.

Anything but pantsir currently struggles against CAS thanks to missile physics change in La Royale and you want to add weapon that specifically counters AAs?

Lmao nope.

CAS is at big advantage already, no need to buff it.

To avoid it you turn off your radar that is all
It be useless against spaa that have irst or just fire plane old ir missiles so its very niche

IR missiles that dont have photocontrast seekers are at 9.3/9.7 for a reason.

They struggle to engage helicopters that are further than 3km, and due to G limitations are useless against fast moving planes. They wouldnt even meet SEAD missiles.

And just turn off radar does not work with current size of map.

CAS spawns and immidiately sees where points are. As AAs on top tier are almost always limited to staying in spawn, CAS can locate AA within seconds.

AAs on the other hand would have issues with localizing CAS unless they were tracking the since spawn. IR optics are suboptimal for searching due to narrow FOV. AAs would struggle to spot any plane not coming directly from spawn.

Overall, terrible idea.

Game is already heavily tipped towards the CAS with map sizes, cheap spawn costs for A2G weapons and AA missile limitations.

Last thing CAS needs is a buff.

Can’t just keep kicking the can down the road everytime their something to give planes for air to ground

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Current game format would need to change first.

Yep, was thinking the same. Kinda getting fed up of tanks being the reason why planes are cosntantly handicapped.


How would you change it

I just want my. ARMs so i can fully feel like its desert storm

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Yeah, would be awesome and great fun in ASB. Some proper SEAD mechanics would be so cool in that gamemode.

Also in the future i want my Brimstone Slinging Tornado Gr4. But that might never come because its “too OP” for GRB

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What makes brimstone too op comapred to other fire and forgets
Is it the range
Or seeker
Or both

Maps are too small and AAs on some maps are restricted to the spawn area.

CAS also can see where points are as soon as they spawn.

CAS already spawns with speed and altitude.

Also theres currently hard cap on what AA systems controlled by single players can be introduced. And they would still all fall into short-mid range category.

Theres no way to implement AA systems such as Patriot and S-300/400, leaving a massive gap in air defense capabilities.

Air to air loadouts in ground battles are massively overpriced. My tornado with litening 2 and 4 paveways + 2 aim-9ls + flares costs around 600 points ± without adjustments. Mig-29A in air to air setup costs 800. Mig-29G goes over 1000 spawn points.

So some, preferably all of the above would need to change before SEAD munitons would be acceptable.

Yeah cause assuming you playing 11.7 the tornado br is lower then that and the migs are higher

Cool beans.

Even then, air to air equipped plane should be significantly cheaper than CAS plane.

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ARH Seeker means that it would be able to see through smoke and Im guessing the version we have would be akin to the AGM-65D in that you would have to target 1 thing at a time with them

Also, its volume. 12-18 Brimstones were entirely possible for both the Gr4 and Gr9.

At full power, the Brimstones would be pre-programmed with what their targets would look like (say, T-72s) and then they could just be fired off at about 20kms randomly and they would go and find a target to hit. Communicating with each other to not all go for the same target.

Brimstone 1s about a range of 20km. Brimstone 2s about 75kms

Good thread for it here:

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WHilst I do agree. that CAP should be a LOT cheaper than it is currently.

The reason why Mig-29G is more expensive is because you are trying to bring an 12.3 to a 11.7 match. Tornado F3 at 11.3 is about 500 SP. Though that is still way too much

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Yes, im aware.