Tornado F.3 Late Stock Grind and Ways to Improve It

Should F.3 AOP get stock IRCCM

  • Yes
  • No
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Currently the aircraft starts with 2 x 9L’s at 12.7, whereas other jets start with stock R-73’s for russia, and germanies F4F ICE gets 9Li stock, i think stock 9M or genetic C would seriously improve the stock grind for the F.3, feel free to share your feedback and opinions here.

And side note, but we got stock flares for the IR meta, i think it would be appropriate to get stock chaff too with this ARH gameplay.


It and other aircraft should have IRCCM and SARH missiles when stock. Only 2 9Ls when forced to play against 13.0 aircraft with the worst flight model is absurd.

It should eventually get ASRAAM and AIM120C5/C7 missiles as an upgrade.


best way to improve the tornado F3 late stock grind is changing his br 12.7 is no place for it

SARH is a bit too much. We are still fighting for PL8 stock for J8F, it currently has 2 PL5B stock which are not IRCCM nor full aspect (J8F does not have any IRCCM missile). I understand the flight model though, J8 too has horrible flight model so trying to dog fight people with inferior missiles as well is painful.