Tornado afterburner fuel consumption

I just noticed that the fuel consumption while using the afterburner of the “Tornado IDS ASSTA1” is sevenfold (7x!) of the dry thrust at 100% judging by the fuel flow counter in the cockpit and the remaining fuel time countdown acceleration.
I searched for quite a bit but could only find the fuel consumption for the dry thrust of the Turbo-Union RB199 which ist around 18,38 g/kNs for the Mk.103 variant. So in-game this engine guzzles 128,66 g/kNs or 700% more fuel for 75% more thrust which seems quite unrealistic for me as all other jet engines of that time (like the P&W F100) use only 2-3 times or 100-200% more fuel when afterburning achieving a comparable or just slightly lower rise in thrust level.

For comparision these are the values of fuel consumption i found for a few engines:

GE F404:
Thrust dry: 48,9 kN
Thrust wet: 78,7 kN (+60%)
TSFC dry: 23 g/kNs
TSFC wet: 49 g/kNs (+113%)

Pratt & Whitney PW-F100-220:
Thrust dry: 63,9 kN
Thrust wet: 105,72 kN (+65%)
TSFC dry: 21,52 g/kNs
TSFC wet: 54,94 g/kNs (+155%)

Klimov RD-33:
Thrust dry: 50 kN
Thrust wet: 81,3 kN (+63%)
TSFC dry: 20,83 g/kNs
TSFC wet: 52,25 g/kNs (+151%)

Saturn AL-31:
Thrust dry: 76,49 kN
Thrust wet: 122,6kN (+60%)
TSFC dry: 22,1 g/kNs
TSFC wet: 55,5 g/kNs (+151%)

Turbo-Union RB199 Mk.103:
Thrust dry: 40,5 kN
Thrust wet: 71,2 kN (+75%)
TSFC dry: 18,38 g/kNs
TSFC wet: 128,66 g/kNs (+700%) (calculated from the ingame values)

I don’t know if this is a bug, just a forgotten placeholder value or twisted numbers but it doesn’t seem plausible at all. I can neither find sources which confirm the engines afterburner fuel consumption is that astronomically high nor ones that refute it. So what’s the reason to place this value so far off the normal charts? Anyone with sources or thoughts on this one?

Might be worth asking over in:

They might have the sources needed. Yeah the Tornados are very fuel thirsty, would be interesting to see if that is correct or not. Would make life a lot easier the Tornado IDS if it wasnt quite as thirsty in SB

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