Torm1 and Pantsir Half Lead Guidance Doesnt Work

Like the title says, these modes dont work at all. The missile will virtually always miss, so theres no point in using it. Gaijin needs to completely revamp this mode so its useful.

Well for the Pantsirs and TorM1’s that usually shoot me down right after spawning 20KM away it seems to work well :D

But if you think something is wrong with the literal best SPAAs in Game, maybe open a bug report so the actual devs get knowledge of the issue and not some forum mods?

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Tor has a 12km launch range, how did it get you 20km away lmao

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Always turn after spawning.
There’s zero reason to go straight, and no, Pantsir’s not the best SPAA.
ITO-90M is better than Pantsir.

I think that’s called “satire” buddy


fair enough

I think tor especially should receive automatic guidance, because its got a smoke trail for 80 percent of its flight and much worse optics and irist than the other top tier spaa. Only top tier spaa with NO THERMALS, when nowadays a quarter of the maps are low visibility. I think its perfectly reasonable for tor to receive a mode where the missile flies automatically with proportional navigation so long as the targeting computer stays locked.