Tor-M1 Proportional Navagation

tor’s tracking system is extremely unreliable, and I think I know why. The radar and irist locking mechanic for ground vehicles doesn’t precisely track its target like a helicopter does, and the missiles prop nav follows your crosshair, not the locked vehicle, this causes erratic lead inputs resulting in low kill probability. Similar to how hellfire missiles will miss more if you hand guide them without a lock. The lead system would work much better if the missile followed the lock itself, not your gunsight half hazardly slaved to the locked target. Pretty much like how sarh missiles work; which im pretty sure is how tor works irl anyways. As it stands, the tracking method gaijin has for it does NOT work under any circumstances against a target that is aware of you.

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Tor m1 is wack to use 🥲☹️😔

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its SACLOS like most other top tier AA in game at the moment.
some have beam riding missiles but at top tier with radar lock they act about the same.

i do agree that SACLOS should not follow crosshair but as it stands it does on all other vehicles as well. not only the TOR-M1.

so until they change the guidance system its just about learning to get good with it.