Top tier Spaa IRST not working when search radar is off. Is it a bug or Nerf?

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I dont know when this issue started because I grew a bit bored using top tier spaa so I tried playing with ww2 spaa’s for several couple few shortly months, today I went back to top tier as spaa (Flarakrad) and I couldn’t lock any aircraft with the IRST when the radar is off. It works perfectly fine when the search radar is on.

Its the same with the Chongus-ka (2S6) thats right Gaijin, Russian spaas are negatively affected! You wouldn’t want the mighty sovereignty of the Russian Federation looks weak with this bug/nerf so please fix/revert it back. The Pantysir is also affected but its IRST sucks from the start anyways.

Its working fine with the USAdats but I aint gonna ruin my kdr with it you cant do this to me do you know how much I’ve sacrificed?
I’ve tried a lot of attempts of fixing this from checking my key bindings to deleting the System32 file and yet IRST with off radar is still not working.

Is this some kind of bug? Or a nerf? If its a nerf, for what? Aircrafts on top tier has multiple layers of survival tech already like flares and chaffs, a telephone that makes a lot of noise when a missile is incoming, a radar that tracks spaa radar, a radar that knows who is that annoying civilian with the laser pointer, a woman in the com’s who nags the pilot about everything all the time and I bet more of that high tech survival doodads (your mom likes to doodads).

Cmon Gaijin please let those players with poor skills learn how to fly. Skilled players never complained about spaa IRST so Gaijin will only nerf IRST this way to keep the players with poor skills happy. Whaaa Whaaa!!! Planes even have continental missiles and space orbital precision bombs, and helicopters can camp on their spawn and destroy spawning players and reduce their altitude from 20 meters to 10 meters to fully repair when damaged.

If this just a bug thank goodness. THANK GOODNESS I hope it gets fixed. Thank you very much. Mwah, SLORPGLORPIN
By the way, that USA Imp. Chaparral, mwah best spaa in the game. Cant wait to try the Israel one. Oh no wait I’m considering to take indefinite break because of the SPAA nerfs and cheaters later.

Long post ahead sorry:
IRST on most top tier spaa not working when the radar is on. Is this nerf?

it’s a bug I believe, not only top tier ones, but others too. I checked that the FlaRakPz 1, FlaRakRad, Pantsir-S1, XM975 and all these having the same issue. I think some other Optical air target tracking mode SPAAs having the same issue.

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